Using Intel’s facility in Arizona to manufacture Nvidia GPUs

Jensen Huang, the CEO of Nvidia, announced the use of Intel’s chip production equipment in Arizona to produce semiconductor chips used in the company’s graphics processors.

Jensen Huang in an interview with CNBC About Nvidia’s association with the welcome and excitement associated with success ChatGPT has created a public audience for discussion and dialogue. Pointing out that Nvidia has invested in artificial intelligence and machine learning for a long time, Huahang stated that this approach of the green team was always met with skepticism by various parties, including Wall Street. Since then, Nvidia has come a long way and their technology is currently used in many different fields such as ChatGPT, public health system and supercomputers.

It seems that Nvidia’s spirit to pay attention to the field of artificial intelligence with the success of ChatGPT strengthened and this company needs to take such an approach due to the vulnerability of the personal computer market against the bad macroeconomic environment.

Simulation of the hands of Jensen Hwahang with artificial intelligence

The increasing popularity of artificial intelligence technology in Silicon Valley has created a high volume of demand for Nvidia products. It is estimated that more than 10,000 Nvidia GPUs were used to develop the ChatGPT beta version. But this is still the first thing; Experts believe that for Google’s search engine to use ChatGPT, theoretically, about 4.1 million Nvidia GPUs will be used.

In the continuation of his interview about international issues, Jensen Huang also commented and in response to Tarasov’s question from CNBC about the supply chain and whether the Arizona equipment will also be used for further production, he says: “Definitely, we will use the Arizona facility.” did.”

TSMC will also set up a chip manufacturing facility in Arizona to diversify its supply chain and also in hopes of receiving subsidies from the US government. Under U.S. law, if such subsidies are awarded to factories, they will be barred from making any commitments to make advanced chips in China.

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