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Violent Night 2 is currently in production

Tommy Virkula, the director of Violent Night, has announced the sequel to this Christmas action movie in his new interview.

In December of this year, the movie Violent Night hit the cinema screens and despite average reviews, it was able to perform well at the box office, and this action movie with a Christmas theme was able to sell 67 million dollars at the box office. Now in the latest Cinema and TV newsSanta is going to hunt more criminals. In an interview with The Wrap, Violent Night director Tommy Virkola confirmed that Violent Night 2 is already in production and that the film is currently in the process of closing a deal with the production team.

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“We’re talking about the movie, closing the deal and checking and sorting everything out,” Virkola, who previously directed Dead Snow and Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, said in the interview. We really have time to crack the script and get the story out of it. “We have some ideas and we need to see where we want to take the film and what we want and we need to talk about it.”

David Harbor as Santa Claus smiling in Violent Night

For example, Wirkola said that ideas like the North Pole, Mrs. Claus, and elves mentioned in the first episode could be used in Violent Night. Virkula added that story-wise, he thought they had a very interesting idea to expand the world of the film, but were still looking to keep the tone of the first installment in the sequel. Stranger Things and Black Widow actor David Harbor plays Santa Claus in Violent Night.

Previously, Harbor welcomed the idea of ​​making a sequel to A Nightmare on Go and even said that he would like to have characters like Mrs. Santa Claus in the movie, and he even suggested Charlize Theron for the role. This action movie was produced with a budget of around 20 million dollars. Also, according to Virkola’s interview, it can be expected that Patrick Casey and Josh Miller will return to write the script for Violent Night 2.

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