Volvo EX90 was introduced; The safest and most advanced car in the history of the Swedes

The new Volvo EX90 SUV was introduced in Stockholm, Sweden. This car is equipped with three rows of seats, from one Dedicated platform and all-electric engine It uses, and in fact, it is an alternative and electric model of the famous and well-known XC90 SUV, and it is supposed to be the cover of a lot of new electric models for the Volvo company. The most powerful version of this beautiful SUV has 510 horsepower and 910 Nm of torque and can travel up to 600 kilometers with a full battery charge.

Simple but attractive design

You are probably aware that Volvo wants to The year 2030 Become an all-electric brand. To achieve this goal, Volvo plans to introduce a new electric model every year. The EX90 SUV is the beginning of this strategy. In terms of design, this car has all the features and characteristics of a Volvo. Like other members of the family, the body of the EX90 has a beautiful and dynamic design, and special attention to detail is clearly evident.

Volvo emphasizes that the body of the EX90 is designed based on the philosophy of form and function Drag coefficient with 0.29 Cd Its aerodynamics are at a high level. Although this figure is considered favorable, a competitor like BMW iX has a more fluid body against air flow with a coefficient of 0.25.

Inside the cabin, the Volvo EX90 dashboard has a simple and minimalistic form. In the middle of the dashboard, this car hosts a 14.5 inch vertical display Is. This display is responsible for connecting the driver with the operating system Android Automotive is responsible for Interestingly, this new operating system has Google Maps and Google Play by default, and some third-party applications can be installed in it. Behind the steering wheel, a wide screen provides the necessary information to the driver.

Swedish car manufacturer to environmental issues He has also paid attention and used recycled and sustainable materials in the construction of the components inside the cabin. For example, the upholstery of the chairs is made of recycled wool and the decorative pieces are sourced from sustainable plantations. Plastic parts are also rooted in recycled bottles. Volvo the exact amount of sustainable and recycled materials used in the cabin 48 kg Said.

It is not bad to mention the Volvo EX90 sound system made by an English company Bowers & Wilkins Is. This car is the first product of the company that benefits from integrated speakers with the back of the head.

Volvo EX90 is a car from the future with new technologies

If you look closely at the pictures of the Volvo EX90, you will see a module above the windshield. This module hosts advanced sensors, cameras and radars and cooperates with other cameras Didi 360 provides degree. This car is equipped with a very modern proprietary software and powerful computers and offers the third level of self-driving technology.

The accuracy of the Volvo EX90 cameras is so high that it can detect very small objects from a distance of several hundred meters. At the same time, by relying on the lidar technology, pedestrians to the distance 250 meters are recognizable. This gives the driver more time to react and manage the situation.

The Volvo EX90 is the company’s first car to roll off the production line with all the hardware necessary for autonomous driving. Considering this issue, in the future Volvo can through Software updates Activate the relevant features.

Volvo’s flagship crossover The technology of turning a mobile phone into a security key is also equipped. This technology allows the driver to unlock the car via mobile phone. If we want to go into details, we must say that when the driver approaches the car, if the mobile phone is in his pocket, the doors will open automatically. The interesting point is that after unlocking the doors, the seat, air conditioning system and other facilities are adjusted according to the driver’s personal settings.

Cooperation with Qualcomm and support for 5G

Volvo doesn’t call the EX90 a next-generation SUV, but describes it as an advanced computer on four wheels that’s more interactive and enjoyable than ever. This Swedish car manufacturer has cooperated with Qualcomm in order to make the most of the capabilities of the computer graphics game engine Unreal Engine. Snapdragon chip Used in EX90. You must know that this game engine was developed by Epic Games and is used in making advanced games with high graphics.

support 5G internet Another interesting feature is the Volvo EX90. This feature makes the latest Volvo product always have a high-speed and stable connection with the Internet, a factor that is necessary for the proper and smooth operation of a service such as online music streaming.

EX90 is the safest car in the history of Volvo

Volvo says this seven-seater SUV is equipped with the latest available technologies, that’s why The safest car in the history of the company Are. The interesting thing is that this SUV, or more precisely, an electric crossover, supports software updates. Therefore, it becomes smarter and safer over time.

As we have already informed youVolvo EX90 advanced system to detect children and pets Left inside the cabin has it. This system is activated when the car doors are closed and is responsible for detecting any movement inside the cabin with the help of sensors and radars. According to Volvo’s official announcement, the accuracy of the hardware of this system is so high that it is possible to detect movement On the scale of millimeters and even less There is. To better understand this, the Swedish company takes the deep breath of a baby while sleeping as an example and says that the mentioned system has the ability to detect movement to this extent.

Technical Specifications

Although the Volvo EX90 is very similar to the XC90, but as we mentioned at the beginning, this car is based on a special platform called SPA2. The attractive Swedish crossover will go to the market in standard and performance versions, both of which are equipped with two engines. In the standard version of the EX90 engine, the ability to produce 408 horsepower and 770 newton meters of torque has the But in the performance version, the engine power to 510 horsepower and 910 Nm of torque increase. This version needs 4.9 seconds to reach a speed of 100 kilometers per hour, which is about 1 second better than the standard version.

The engine of this 2,818 kg SUV is powered by 111 kWh battery is fed Navigation is possible thanks to this massive battery and according to the European WLTP standard 600 km There is a distance without recharging. The Volvo EX90 supports a charging speed of 250 kW, and the charging rate reaches 10% to 80% in about 30 minutes.

Price and delivery time

Those interested in Volvo EX90 in America can pre-order it now. Regarding the exact price, no details are available at the moment, but Volvo says that the version equipped with high options will be priced below 80 thousand dollars Will have. The production process of this car will start from the fall of 2023. The Swedes deliver customer orders for the beginning of the year 2024 have planned It should be noted that the version for the American market will be produced at the Ridgeville plant located in South Carolina.

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