Walt Disney’s loss of more than 100 million dollars from Pixar’s Lightyear animation

According to published information, Lightyear animation not only failed to make a profit, but Disney faced a loss of more than 100 million dollars.

Lightyear animation went on the cinema screens last summer and although it was met with relatively positive reviews, which is not so positive compared to other Pixar works, but it could not have a successful performance at the box office. The Toy Story spin-off, which was produced with a budget of around 200 million dollars, eventually managed to sell more than 226.4 million dollars at the global box office. Now according to the latest Cinema and TV newsLightir animation has been one of the most losing movies of 2022.

Deadline stated in a report that even though the animation Lightyear has earned more than 267 million dollars in the domestic market and theaters, Disney has lost nearly 106 million dollars. It is said that a total of 373 million dollars were spent on the production and advertising of Lightir animation, and this animation is one of Pixar’s loss-making works. Before this, the animation Cars 3 and the animation The Good Dinosaur faced commercial failure at the box office, and now the animation Lightyear has been added to them.

Buzz Lightyear and his friend in a space suit in Lightyear animation

Many believe that Tim Allen’s lack of return for the role of Buzz Lightyear in the Lightyear animation is one of the possible reasons for the low sales of the animation, and this group believes that many fans of the Toy Story animation grew up with Allen’s role. But it was said before that many young people are not interested in watching science fiction animations with themes such as time travel in cinemas, and this category of animations is less attractive to them.

However, the controversy behind a Lightyear animated scene could also be another factor in its lower-than-expected sales performance. Also, the broadcast of animations such as Soul animation and Turning Red animation from Disney Plus can be another factor that made many people wait for Lightyear animation from this streaming service. However, Pixar is currently working on Toy Story 5, in which Tom Hanks and Tim Allen will return to voice Woody and Lightyear.

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