Warner Bros. CEO’s possible reference to a new Superman game

The CEO of Warner Bros. may have hinted at the company making a new Superman game.

recently David ZaslawCEO of Warner Bros. Discovery during the first quarter financial report 2023 appeared and talked about the company’s success so far and their future. During this interview, he spoke for a long time about WBD owning and developing its own IP, which makes this company fully creative; Whether for Harry Potter, the DC world or Game of Thrones.

He also mentioned the world of Superman, which is going to have a new movie released in the next few years. He explained that maybe then people could spend time in Superman’s universe. In the following, he talked about the continuous progress of gaming and added how profitable this space will be in the coming years.

Zaslav spoke proudly of the success of Hogwarts Legacy and explained how they immerse users in this world. He then quickly shifted his focus to Superman and claimed that players might one day be able to spend time in Superman’s world and space. Inside Warner Bros. there is a desire to focus more on gaming; Especially considering the sale of Hogwarts Legacy game.

Hogwarts Legacy game character vs. Hogwarts Castle

Zaslav also clearly expressed this desire: “With the advancement of technology and considering the time people spend on gaming, we don’t want to stay in the world of motion pictures (film industry) and long story telling (book industry) and this space [گیمینگ] Leave it to other people. These worlds will be very profitable in the coming years.”

It was previously announced that James Gunn He is directing a Superman movie for 2025. Gunn wants to include video games in the new DC Cinematic Universe. Perhaps one cannot imagine a better work to start this than a high-quality and excellent Superman game. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a new video game from this character, and there aren’t many great AAA superhero games out there. So the space is suitable for making and releasing a new Superman game.

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