Watch a 3D and panoramic image of the crater of Mars + photo

Endurance Mars RoverPerseverance) NASA in its latest adventure, a fascinating panoramic image of one of the inner craters Jezero region of Mars shared. Also, NASA scientists have provided a 3D version of this image that you can see with special glasses.

Jeezero crater Mars, where NASA’s Endurance rover is currently exploring, approx 48 km It is wide and was probably created by the impact of a huge asteroid. However, several asteroids are thought to have crashed into the region over millions of years, creating several smaller craters.

For example, there is a much smaller crater called “Belva Crater” in this area, which is less than 1.5 km wide, and the various rock layers in it can contain useful information about the history of Mars. The Perseverance rover recently took more than 150 images of the crater with its Mastcam-Z instrument, which you can see above as a panoramic image.

There is also a high-resolution version of this image on NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory website, which shows the Martian crater in all its detail. Also, if you have red-blue 3D glasses, you can view the 3D version of this image.

3D image of the crater of Mars and the information in it

A 3D version of this image can help scientists observe different features. In this image, they found layers of sedimentary rock that slope at a downward angle, which could represent a sand bar created by an ancient river that flowed through the area.

By examining these images and the different layers of the Red Planet, geologists can find new clues about Mars’ past, such as when water existed there. Endurance mission scientist Katie Stack Morgan explained in a statement: “Rover missions usually end up exploring bedrock. That’s why our science team has been so passionate about imaging and studying Belva. “Impact craters can provide massive views and vertical slices that contain important clues to the origin of these rocks.”

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