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In these days, when most people search in the virtual space and the Internet world to find the necessary supplies and even to find answers to their questions; Online selling is considered the best technique to maintain business and increase income.

But this sale is not easily obtained and for that it is necessary to get acquainted with all the sales techniques and effective items in increasing the site’s rank. Stay with us until the end of the article to know about the mentioned points.

The impact of SEO on website revenue

SEO is a set of activities and actions that are carried out in order to increase site visits. It can be said that SEO is the most important process to attract more visitors and improve the position of the site in Google search results.

The Latin word Search Engine Optimization means optimization for search engines. At every hour of the day and night, countless words are searched on Google; But research shows that 91% of searchers only open the first to the last 3rd sites.

According to these statistics, we find that SEO increases the number of visitors and website traffic by improving the site’s ranking in Google.

The more visitors you have, the more likely you are to make a sale. For this reason, you must be careful enough in producing the right content.

Also, the existence of a high-speed internet payment gateway suitable for the convenience of users and the desire to buy again from the website is another important factor in increasing the amount of internet sales.

The effect of advertising in Google on site income

In general, it can be said that Google ads will not affect the SEO of your site due to the smart algorithms, but with this, you can help your business to be seen and increase sales.

The fact that people see your site link on various websites will increase the brand name search and may indirectly affect SEO as well.

According to the above explanations, we conclude that advertising on Google Afrak is suitable for store sites and attracting customers on a temporary basis. Now you have to try to maintain them by producing the right content and choosing the right online payment gateway.

The effect of social media on increasing website sales

No business can grow and succeed without proper advertising and marketing. One of the important and effective ways in branding and introducing goods or services is using social networks.

If you get help from social networks to start your work, you will be able to easily communicate with the audience through direct mail, comments, and other means of communication. This interaction is also effective in increasing the trust of users.

Advertising in Google Afrak

After doing the correct advertising on social media and uploading the website link on social networks, the website traffic will increase and the sales will increase.

For better conclusions, you can get help from all networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.

Increase site sales

Using advertising campaigns to increase sales

Most customer acquisition campaigns are created on Instagram. Using this method can be very useful for business owners.

Of course, usually a lot of money should be spent on advertising and necessary measures so that a person can attract customers among the participants and by providing good and quality goods or services, as well as appropriate content, can attract people constantly.

Providing discount codes and increasing website sales

Most people will increase their desire to buy when they see a discount code. This method is one of the ways to increase website sales. For this, it is better to consider a discount code or a general discount on all products for your customers on different occasions. With this method, place yourself in people’s minds and they will always visit your site, especially on special days.

Show the best selling products

Before making a purchase, many people first research about the satisfaction of other buyers. This can be done online by reading comments and opinions. If you display your best-selling products on the home page of the website, it will have a great impact on their sales.

By doing this, you show the audience that many people were satisfied with the purchase of the displayed products, and you will not regret buying them either.

Increase income through payment portal

The online payment portal should have high speed, ease of payment process, proper performance and other parameters to attract and retain customers. With the mentioned features, customers do not face problems during payment, as a result, the amount of sales increases. With the increasing development of online businesses, the need for a suitable payment gateway is strongly felt. If you also need a portal for your business, it is better to choose the best ones.

Shepa is one of the internet portals that guarantees the convenience of your customers in the payment process with accurate performance and high speed. This online payment portal It will provide all the needs of a business after increasing sales.


Using an internet payment gateway that has good speed and acceptable performance is very important for sales websites.

If you intend to increase the sales of your site by using different methods such as using Google ads, social media, improving SEO and content creation, participating in advertising campaigns, creating discount codes, etc., please note that If there is no suitable port, all your efforts will be fruitless.

In such a way that by not completing the purchase and payment process and causing problems in it, the probability that the person will come back to your site is reduced and as a result, your efforts will be ineffective.

Shepa payment gateway helps you to have a website with excellent sales with the best speed and convenience in the payment process. To contact Shepa experts, call the number below.

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