We are building a better system than Apple’s iOS!

Honor’s CEO, “Zhao Ming”, attacked Apple phones at an event, saying that iPhones have weaker hardware and outdated design than many Android smartphones, have weaker antennas, and also have low battery life, but users still choose it because of iOS. they do; So Honor wants to build a better system and software than iOS.

Ming spoke at an event at Honor’s research and development center in Shenzhen, China. Honor’s CEO has ambitious plans and wants to surpass Apple’s iOS. According to Ming, Honor’s research and development expenses in 2022 were 10% of the company’s total revenue. Because of this amount of investment in research and development, Honor’s CEO is optimistic about the future of MagicOS.

Honor wants to go to Apple’s iOS war

Zhao Ming

According to Ming’s claim, Apple’s iPhone has lower hardware performance than its Android competitors, and also its design looks older and has a low battery charge; But Apple’s trump card is the iOS operating system and the ecosystem built by Cupertinos. For this reason, despite the problems claimed by Honor’s CEO, users still choose the iPhone.

Apple’s iOS operating system is smooth, reliable and powerful in its own way, and that’s why Honor wants to fight it with the next versions of MagicOS. In addition to focusing on improving the performance of MagicOS, Honor also wants to provide users with a richer ecosystem that will not only challenge Apple’s ecosystem, but also go to war with its old owner, Huawei and HarmonyOS.

Considering that, unlike Huawei, Honor has access to Google services and also offers its phones in the global market, it can maneuver its products and ecosystem better than Huawei. However, at least in the near future, Honor is unlikely to pose a threat to Apple and its ecosystem; Of course, Huawei had become a serious competitor to Apple before being subjected to severe US sanctions.

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