We’re probably 7 years away from adding blood sugar measurement technology to the Apple Watch

We have long seen rumors about adding blood sugar measurement and monitoring technology to the Apple Watch, however, a new Bloomberg report suggests that we are years away from such a feature in Apple’s smartwatches.

Bloomberg reporter Mark Gorman announced last month that Apple has made significant progress in non-invasive blood sugar monitoring technology. This technology allows people with diabetes and others to monitor their blood sugar without needing a needle.

Apple’s proposed system apparently uses a silicon photonic chip that shines a laser under the skin to detect the concentration of glucose in the body. Gorman says in his latest report that Apple still needs to work on algorithms and sensors to achieve its ideal result.

Apple Watch is currently not equipped with blood sugar monitoring technology

According to Gorman, in addition to the need to optimize algorithms and sensors, Apple must also reduce the size of the module related to this technology so that it can be placed in a small and narrow package. According to the Bloomberg reporter, this process will take at least 3 to 7 more years.

Apple started working on alternative ways to monitor blood sugar in 2010 by purchasing the startup RareLight. Apple then used startup Avolante Health LLC to develop the technology in a secret facility.

The Cupertinos have been testing their technology in humans for the past 10 years and want to use it to warn Apple Watch users who are at risk of developing diabetes and encourage them to change their lifestyle before they develop the disease.

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