What are the characteristics of a quality exhaust source?

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You may have this question Muffler What are the characteristics of quality? In this section, we talk about the features of a very high-quality and efficient exhaust source so that you can get useful information in this field. Stay tuned for more.

What parts does the exhaust system consist of?

Before we examine the features of the best exhaust system, it is better to talk about the main structure of this product. The exhaust system consists of three parts: the catalytic converter, the middle pipes and the exhaust manifold. In the past, the exhaust system was responsible for reducing noise, but today, with the advancement of science and technology and the increase in the efficiency of cars, the exhaust system has been designed and marketed in different types and models. This system should be able to fully satisfy all the needs of people. It can be said that a quality exhaust source must be able to completely direct and transfer the gases that have been created from the engine combustion. Another feature of the quality exhaust system is reducing the temperature of combustion gases. This system can reduce this temperature by transferring heat to the environment.

Muffler It has catalytic converters inside, which can reduce environmental pollutants and neutralize toxic gases from combustion up to 90%. They can also increase the efficiency and performance of the engine due to the allowable back pressure of the smoke by performing accurate resistance calculations. Of course, in some cars, the exhaust source is also considered a part of beauty and can increase the force of adhesion to the ground. It is also considered one of the acceleration systems of a sharp car.

What are the characteristics of a quality exhaust source?
What are the characteristics of a quality exhaust source?

Examining the main stages of exhaust source design

One Muffler It is designed with high quality based on conditions so that it can have very high efficiency. The first thing is to specify the purpose of the design. This goal should include various parameters such as the permissible sound range or the permissible back pressure in the exhaust as well as the expected heat transfer.

Collecting technical information related to the engine and converting this information into various parameters. These parameters include fluid science and heat.

Accurately calculating the exhaust volume and designing its storages based on different parameters and the space under the car.

Designing the internal parts of the car and the parts that include expansion chambers, connecting pipes, internal pipes of warehouses and dimensions and geometric shape.

Using engineering software to analyze, simulate and optimize the exhaust source.

Prototyping this part for further investigation and more detailed tests.

Accurate and correct measurement of various parameters in the isolated environment of the laboratory. These parameters include exhaust sound and pressure in various conditions. After this step, necessary measurements and finalization of the exhaust design.

Keep in mind that these 7 steps must be done in a principled and regular manner in order to achieve a final product without any defects.

The results of the study and examination of the source test of different exhausts

In the above material, it was tried in relation to the design process and features Muffler Let’s talk about quality. All these tests and investigations lead to a general plan with excellent efficiency for the exhaust design. Keep in mind that each of these studies can lead people to a specific conclusion. By examining and performing various tests, the following can be extracted: Each of the materials used in these warehouses has a special sound tone. At the time of starting the exhaust, the temperature is below 0 degrees Celsius, and after the start of the work, its temperature reaches about 800 degrees Celsius. This issue makes you aware of the importance of the alloy material used in the production of this part and its welding and production process.

Exhaust warehouse
Exhaust warehouse

The exhaust manifold has the task of neutralizing the high noise of the combustion waves and reduces the sound of the car. Therefore, you only hear the sound allowed in the automobile industry, which is about 65 dB. It can be said that this sound is about 35% of all the sounds created in the car.

The best manufacturer of car exhausts

Bozal Foman Pars Company is one of the largest and most reliable manufacturers of auto parts and especially original exhausts. The products of this company, benefiting from the latest technologies in the welding process, are approved by all domestic and foreign automobile companies.

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