What are the characteristics of the best school finder mobile device?

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One of the widely used control and inspection equipment that is used to prevent the carrying of unauthorized items when entering some places is the mobile tracker. It is forbidden to carry mobile phones inside some organizations and collections. Therefore, the security officers can perform their duties accurately and efficiently by using the mobile tracker device during the physical inspection. The mobile device has different types with different features. This issue has caused price variation in this product.

Carrying a mobile phone in some places causes disruptions or endangers security. For this reason, preventing the entry of some unauthorized electronic devices is a constant challenge for security personnel. With the presence of the mobile device, body search is no longer a problem and has become an easy and accurate task. In the following, we intend to introduce the mobile tracker device and the importance of using it in educational centers such as schools and universities.

The mobile finder is used to find the mobile phone and prevent it from being carried inside the building. It is forbidden to carry a mobile phone in some places such as schools, universities, organizations, military places, justice and courts, etc. Therefore, the security guards must do their best to prevent the entry of electronic devices. The mobile school locator device also continuously emits a series of magnetic waves based on the settings made on it. In fact, it creates a magnetic field around itself with a radius of 5 to 15 cm. By moving the device near the person’s body, if the waves hit a metal object, their reflection will be disturbed. In such a situation, the mobile device detects the presence of an electronic device such as a mobile phone, tablet or smart watch and gives a warning. This warning can be in the form of a warning light, a beeping sound with vibration.

The technology used in the mobile finder device is such that there is no possibility of electronic devices escaping from it. As mentioned, the mobile device creates a magnetic field around itself. For this reason, the only thing that can disturb this magnetic field are metal objects. Considering this issue, even turning off the mobile phone cannot do anything in this regard. Many internal parts of electronic devices are made of metal. This is enough to activate the mobile device system.

The mobile finder is used to find the mobile phone and prevent it from being carried inside the building.

Application of mobile tracker

Mobile tracker It is one of the newest inspection equipment that has been able to significantly increase the level of security. This device, while being simple, has many uses, which we will briefly mention below.

  • This device is very useful and practical in educational environments such as universities and schools where carrying a mobile phone can cause distraction.
  • By using the mobile device, it is possible to prevent mobile phones from entering the exam halls and entrance exam sessions.
  • Body searches in high traffic places like schools can turn into a real nightmare. In addition, due to crowding, the inspection process is not done properly and carefully. This is where a mobile tracker can be very effective.
The mobile device is one of the most important school inspection equipment.

Features of the mobile school finder device

One of the most used places to use a mobile phone finder is in schools. Imagine that you want to physically search hundreds of students daily and search their bags as well. In addition to being very time-consuming, this work has a very high probability of error. Therefore, a suitable mobile tracker device for such places should have a series of unique features and capabilities. These features include:

  • The mobile school locator device must have a high detection speed in order to notify quickly if it is discovered.
  • The capabilities of the mobile tracker device are not limited to the detection of mobile phones and can also detect other devices that are prohibited to be carried inside the school. The mobile device can detect smart watches, tablets, mobile phones, guns, knives, etc. easily.
  • The mobile tracker device is equipped with an audio alarm system that notifies by making a sound as soon as it is detected.
  • If you don’t want to attract attention when it’s discovered, you can use the vibrating feature or turn on the warning light.
  • The accuracy of the mobile device used in schools should be such that it determines the location of the object accurately and precisely.
  • The mobile tracker is equipped with a dimmer to adjust the sensitivity. Using this feature, you can adjust the sensitivity of the device.
  • Checking the students of a school is very time-consuming and the mobile tracker is constantly working. For this reason, the device must be equipped with a powerful battery so that its charge lasts for the entire duration of the inspection.
  • The mobile finder device must have a suitable weight and design so that it does not cause operator fatigue in the long run.
The mobile device must have a suitable weight and design.

last word

In this article, we discussed how the mobile finder device works and found out how important it is to use it in schools and how practical it can be. The mobile tracker device is produced and marketed in different types and with different applications. This product is sold by different companies and at different prices. Parsian company is one of the few companies that The best mobile finder provides customers with a reasonable price and a warranty and after-sales service. If you intend to buy the most suitable type of mobile tracking device for educational centers such as schools and university exam sessions, it is better to contact our team of experts at Parsian Traffic Control and Inspection Company. Our consultants guide you well and introduce you to the best option for purchase.

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