What can the fourth chapter of Lion Skin be about?

The lion skin series reached its end and the mystery of Sahil and the series of events that happened to him and his family were solved. Pust Shir is one of the series that has been well received by the people in the last few months and many viewers sat down to watch it. With the end of the story of the lion skin series, should we stop this series forever? Considering the high popularity of the series, it is unlikely that the creators would not mind making a sequel for it, but what sequels can be considered for Lionskin and where can the story go? In this article, we discuss the potentials for making a continuation of the Lion Skin series, from making a new season to a completely new series as a spin-off to even making a special episode! Stay with Vijayato.

The Lion Skin series was broadcast on the Filmnet platform and with its mysterious crime story, it was able to attract a large number of audiences. The story tension of the series and its rapid rhythm are considered to be good features of the Lion Skin series, which, of course, declined to a large extent in the third season.

The fourth chapter of the lion's skin

However, in general, watching Lion Skin, despite its weaknesses, is one of the most heartwarming experiences for an audience who sits at the foot of an Iranian series and expects an entertaining, complex and exciting story. As the series ends in the third season, there is speculation about whether or not we should say goodbye to the world that the Mohammadi brothers created in the Lionskin series. Considering the excessive popularity of this series on the Filmnet platform and the good financial income it brought in compared to its production budget, the possibility of making a sequel to the Lionskin series is not out of mind, but what should this sequel be about? be attractive to the audience? The following are speculations, or rather, suggestions on our part, each of which can be considered as the main subject of the Lionskin sequel.

Making a spin-off about the tree killer

What could the continuation of the story of the lion's skin be about?  - Vijayato

The tree killer was one of the unknown characters in the Lionskin series, the audience only heard about him and his brutal crimes. The main character of the series, Major Meshkat (played by Shahab Hosseini), was involved in a case in which a serial killer killed and burned the bodies of people and managed to kill 7 people. As it is said in the Lion Skin series, this murderer was finally arrested by Meshkat and his team and was punished for his actions, but we do not hear anything else about the details of this case. The only thing we know is that the tree killer was very clever and it was not an easy task to catch him, and of course, he also killed Meshkat’s young daughter in complete cruelty.

The audience is given limited information about the tree killer, and according to the story of the lion skin, the tree killer is soon forgotten and no more mention is made of him; But can’t the story of this terrible serial killer be the basis for making a new series for the creators? In fact, the creators should make not a fourth season but a separate series (spin-off) based on their work, in which there is no news of some characters such as Naeem, Sahil, Mozhgan, Reza Parvaneh, etc., and Meshkat and his police team as the main and secondary heroes. be introduced

Making a spin-off from the story of the tree killer case can turn Mashkat into a serial hero detective and show his character to the audience more than before. The audience has no clue of any story except knowing that the troubled girl is going to die in this case, and the creators can depict the beautiful game of cat and mouse between the police and this serial killer with their art.

Making a spin-off from a series is not a new thing in Iranian cinema, but it is not a rare thing. In the history of serialization, there have been a handful of cases that were made as spin-offs, and by the way, most of them were well received. For example, the Sarzameh Sabz series was made as a spin-off of the Green House series, or the Lamb’s Nights series was a very successful spin-off of Mehran Moderi’s Powerchain series and was able to overtake the original series. In recent years, serials such as Gisu and Sos Far Far-e-Khan have been made on the home television network, each of which was considered a spin-off for the original series (Ashganeh and Shahgoosh).

Special episode about Reza and Mozhgan

The fourth chapter of the lion's skin

Many successful and popular foreign series have a special episode called Special Episode in which there is a sub-narrative of the main story of the series. In fact, these episodes are made independently of the story and the main flow of the series, but they are understandable for the viewers of the original series and are not a work that everyone can understand. Until now, there has only been the Red Hat series on the radio, which has released special episodes on special days such as Eid al-Fitr and the middle of Sha’ban, etc., and no other series has started making such special programs.

Considering that the couple of Reza Parvaneh and Mozhgan were very popular in the Lion Skin series and their fate remained unknown to a large extent; Creators can prepare a special episode about the fate of these two characters or tell a story about these two characters in the timeline of the story of the lion skin series and send it to the platform for Valentine’s Day or any other related occasion. The important point in making special TV programs is that many of these special episodes should not necessarily follow the style of the original series and that a romantic special episode about Reza Parvaneh and Mozhgan should be made from the heart of a crime-thriller series like Post Shir. ; It is not a subject that can be criticized. Personally, I think it is necessary and necessary to make this special episode along with any other program that is considered to continue the Lion Skin series.

Another case for Major Mashkat

Lion skin series

Another almost easy choice of the production group is to go to the production of the fourth season of the series and continue the story. Considering that the story of Naeem and Sahel has reached its end point and is over, the new season should be about a new mystery in which Miskhat gets involved; A nested and attractive criminal case that can engage the audience like the first three seasons of the series. Mashkat, played by Shahab Hosseini, has a good potential to become a hero, and the continuation of his story and the mysteries involving himself and his team can promise the creation of another powerful mystery story.

Another case with a new group

The fourth chapter of the lion's skin

But apart from continuing the path of trouble and creating a new case for him and his team, another way that exists before the creators is the way that the creators of series such as True Detectives or the series Fargo took, and by the way, they were very successful. In these series, each season has its own separate story and in fact an anthology is made, which due to its characteristics, the stories are not related to each other, but the style and style of the series have the same color and smell.

It is true that Lion Skin was produced and released in three seasons, but the serial publication of this series over the past six months, practically shows that these three seasons were actually a 24-episode season that told the story of Naeem and his troubles. The next season of the series (the fourth season or even making a series like Lion’s Skin 2, although in the world the title two and three are not usually used in the name of the series) can have a completely new story with completely new characters. The creators can learn from the weaknesses of the series in the previous three seasons and produce a stronger series in this genre.

Flashback on the life of Naeem and Reza Parvaneh

The fourth chapter of the lion's skin

The two characters Naeem and Reza Parvaneh were two friends who practically depicted one soul in two bodies. The friendship between Naeem and Reza Parvaneh is a deep friendship that, although there is violence and darkness in it, the couple formed by these two people during the three seasons of Lion Skin is an attractive couple. The history of Naeem and Reza Parvaneh in prison can become a series, or the story of Naeem and his friends (Saber and Mansour) can create an interesting spin-off series.

Continuation of the lion skin series

The fourth chapter of the lion's skin

There is another almost impossible option in front of the manufacturers, which, of course, is also considered a very handy option. The creators can make the fourth season of Lion Skin by continuing the current story and take the story to new frontiers. During these three seasons, they had a relatively good characterization for some of the characters in their series, and many of these characters also had an unknown fate, and this leaves the creators’ hands free to continue the lion’s skin with familiar characters. Continuing the story of lion skin is high risk, but it is not impossible and it can be formed with special twists in the story.

There are many options to continue an ongoing story, for example, considering the popularity of Mansour’s character and the good acting of this character’s actor, as well as considering the information given in the series about Mansour’s evil and ups and downs background; Making a spin-off for this character is not out of mind. However, it remains to be seen what the makers’ plans are for the continuation of Lion Skin. What do you think about the fourth season of the Lion Skin series and the sequel to the Lion Skin series and its story? Be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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