What companies are ChatGPT’s competitors made by?

The widespread acceptance of ChatGPT artificial intelligence chatbot has encouraged many companies to provide a similar version of this chatbot and benefit more from AI. Different companies are competing with each other to come up with different examples of chatbots that can compete with ChatGPT in order to make artificial intelligence more accessible to the general public.

Two technology giants, namely Microsoft and Google some time ago their own version of tools Conversational artificial intelligence Make that using Linguistic models have been made big, introduced. A few other lesser-known companies are also trying to achieve this goal. In this article, we are going to talk about companies that have similar chatbots ChatGPT have built on it or are planning to challenge ChatGPT with their own chatbot.


Microsoft calls its chatbot “New Bingor “Newbing” (New Bing) has offered. this AI chatbot It is the Bing search engine that is equipped with artificial intelligence and Microsoft promises that this tool can revolutionize the way of searching.

New Bing artificial intelligence chatbot or New Bing (New Bing) by Microsoft

Microsoft in company Open AIThe creator of ChatGPT has made a huge investment. The company uses the technology behind ChatGPT to create a more powerful AI tool. So far, the performance of the new Bing has been quite acceptable and impressive in some cases and unacceptable in others.

Bing’s trial version is now available to some users and they can test its performance by asking questions like “Can you tell me the best places to visit in Paris” or “What is the best apple pie recipe?” this AI chatbot It answers these questions by providing descriptive descriptions of the sights of Paris or stating the necessary ingredients and instructions in a recipe.

This Microsoft artificial intelligence chatbot also has disadvantages; For example, sometimes he gives strange answers. Also, users can only ask 5 questions from the new Bing at a time, and the daily limit of asking it is only 50 questions. The new Bing has other limitations that have recently been reduced due to user complaints.

Microsoft plans to strengthen this AI tools Self that can be one of ChatGPT Competitors It enables providing a summary of web pages and documents being read by web users. The Redmonds are determined to create the ability to write emails and generate text content for social networks in their chatbot.


Google to compete with Microsoft AI chatbot in the name of “Bard(Bard) has created which can be another competitor of ChatGPT. This tool can challenge the main area of ​​Google’s activity, that is, search; That’s why it made it so fast. Of course, there is not much information about this chatbot now.

  Google Bard artificial intelligence chatbot

According to Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, to develop this artificial intelligence conversation service from LaMDA, that is, Google’s own big language model is used. Bard randomly uses the information in this model to provide up-to-date and acceptable answers to users.

According to Google, the tool could potentially be used to perform tasks such as planning a baby shower, comparing two Oscar-nominated movies, and coming up with ideas for cooking a meal with ingredients in the fridge; Of course, now Bard also has disadvantages like the new Bing; For example, a fundamental problem has been observed in the first test tweet sent by Bard. Google’s AI chatbot is currently available only to the tester group, and will become more widely available in the coming weeks.


Meta which is the owner of popular social networks Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp has also unveiled its AI chatbot named “Galactica”. Galactica is a language model designed to help scientists and researchers present information to them by summarizing scientific articles, providing solutions to mathematical problems, and describing the structure of molecules.

Galactica artificial intelligence chatbot (Galactica) meta

According to Meta, 48 million articles, texts, reference materials, compounds and proteins and other scientific resources were used to train this chatbot. Galactica’s performance in November 2022, when Meta released it to the public, was disappointing. The scientific community strongly criticized Butt. Also, a scientist called it a “dangerous tool” for providing regrettable and incorrect answers. It pulled Meta Galactica just two days after its release.

The release of Galactica is not the first attempt to develop an artificial intelligence model. The company has already released the “BlenderBot 3” bot in August 2022, which is like a digital assistant, but it does not perform well. Journalist Kelsey Piper said after testing the bot that its responses were very poor. According to him, the performance of Chatbot GPT-3 (the framework on which ChatGPT is based) is much better than Blenderbot.

Blenderbot 3 artificial intelligence chatbot (BlenderBot 3) meta

Landerbot 3 still works. Meta plans to release more AI tools in the future; So maybe this company will create a product in the future that can be called a competitor of ChatGPT.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced that the company has formed a dedicated artificial intelligence team with the goal of creating AI personas designed to help people. Building artificial intelligence tools based on text and images for WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger are other goals of this meta team.


entropic (a company active in AI research) was founded in 2021 by former employees of OpenAI. The company is working on its AI chatbot, namely “Clad(Claude) which is one of the competitors of ChatGPT. Cloud is not yet fully available to the public. Google invested about $300 million in Entropy in late 2022.

  Claude Anthropic artificial intelligence chatbot

Entropic Cloud based on its own metallurgy under the title Constitutional artificial intelligence (Constitutional AI) Created. The company has trained its language model with a set of approximately 10 natural language instructions and principles. Cloud also has the ability to automatically revise its answers. According to Entropic, the purpose of creating this bot is to train better and less dangerous virtual intelligence assistants without considering human feedback.

Scale, the artificial intelligence data platform, has identified the differences between this chatbot and ChatGPT after gaining access to the cloud. In their reviews, Skill has confirmed that Cloud can be a serious competitor to ChatGPT and is better at rejecting inappropriate requests. Clad is also like other AI chatbots Introduced, it also has disadvantages; In the results of this language model, several errors and mathematical mistakes have been seen. Currently, the general public cannot use the cloud and only companies have alpha access to it.


U.com It is introduced as a controllable search engine. This search engine, which at first looks like a normal search engine, uses an artificial intelligence test tool that works much like the tool used by Microsoft in Bing; Therefore, U.com can also be one of the competitors of ChatGPT.

U.com search engine with artificial intelligence

The first chatbot introduced by U.com was called YouChat, which was introduced in December 2022. According to the statements, this chatbot was created based on the CAL model; This model is combined with AI-powered conversations, you.com apps, quotes and web links.

Just like Microsoft’s NewBing, YoChat has the ability to provide external annotated answers to various types of questions, summarize web content, generate code, write articles, and the like.

you. In addition to making it possible for users to access the AI ​​chatbot, Com has added image-creating AI models including Stable Diffusion 1.5 and Stable Diffusion 2.1 and Open Journey, which have the ability to create photos based on textual descriptions, to its system. This search engine categorizes your search results based on relevant answers on sites like Reddit, TripAdvisor, Wikipedia, and YouTube, and also provides standard results from the web.

Ali Baba

Ali Baba, the Chinese e-commerce giant has also entered the field of providing artificial intelligence chatbots. In early February, a spokesperson announced that the company was also testing a competitor to ChatGPT. According to reports, Alibaba has been experimenting since 2017 Generative artificial intelligence but has yet to provide any information about the introduction of its bot or its capabilities.

Of course, Alibaba has to overcome many obstacles to provide its own chatbot. A report shows that Chinese regulators have warned Tencent and Ant Group, both owned by Alibaba, that access to ChatGPT should be restricted due to the possibility of providing uncensored content. The aforementioned companies must obtain permission from the government before making their chatbots available to the public.

Similar rules are likely to apply to all Chinese companies looking to create AI chatbots. This raises the question of whether these companies can release their AI chatbots and whether their capabilities run afoul of restrictive censorship laws.


Baidu There is another Chinese company that intends to AI software himself with the nameErnie Butt(Ernie Bot) will soon be introduced in March, which could be another competitor of ChatGPT. Baidu is known for its search engine of the same name. Currently, this company offers several Internet-based services such as Baidu map platform, Baidu Baike online encyclopedia, Baidu Wangpan cloud storage service, etc. Now, Baidu is also trying to use artificial intelligence technology to design and build self-driving cars.

Baidu artificial intelligence Ernie bot chatbot

Ernie is an acronym for the phrase Enhanced Representation through Knowledge Integration (meaning advanced presentation through knowledge integration) was introduced for the first time in 2019. This AI chatbot, which has evolved into a tool similar to ChatGPT, is capable of providing conversational responses. In late 2021, Baidu announced that it had trained its language model with a wealth of unstructured data and knowledge graphs, and that this model was the leader in natural language understanding and creation.

Like Google and Microsoft, Baidu wants to integrate its chatbot into its search engine and even combine it with the user interface of the upcoming electric car from Chinese startup Jido. Baidu is developing an image creation model based on Chinese texts called Ernie ViLG, which has similar functionality to OpenAI’s DALL-E2 system and Stable Diffusion image generator artificial intelligence.

Other competitors of ChatGPT

In addition to the companies we mentioned above, several other companies are using productive artificial intelligence; But in different ways! For example, Snapchat works on the My AI chatbot, which is a version of ChatGPT and is only available to Snapchat Plus users.

Chatbot My AI Snapchat

Another such tool is called Character.AI, which was developed by the developers of Google’s LaMDA technology. This tool allows users to model and chat with real or fictional characters.

Chatbot Character.AI

Chinese company NetEase through its subsidiary, Youdao, wants to use AI in its education products. Of course, it is said that this company wants to go to artificial intelligence in its future games.

Another artificial intelligence chatbot that acts as a companion for users is Replika, which can be communicated with through text chats or even video calls. This tool works with a special version of the GPT-3 model and text dialogs.

Replika chatbot

Conversational artificial intelligence is considered a nascent technology and big players like Microsoft and Google are entering this field. Certainly, this technology will make significant improvements in the future. It will certainly be fascinating to watch the evolution of AI chatbots and also to follow their competition to find their way into our daily lives.

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