What is a slapping contest?

Tim Silvia, a former UFC heavyweight champion who has retired from MMA due to fear of severe trauma, took part in a slapping contest and showed off his strength. Silvia was forced to end his UFC career in 2015 after failing to receive medical clearance to fight Juliano Coutinho. A five-time heavyweight champion, he ended his UFC career in 2015 with a record of 31 wins and 10 losses.

slapping contests

Despite concerns about his health, the 47-year-old has embarked on a career in the controversial sport of slapping and came out strong as he defeated his American opponent in the super heavyweight division of the Oklahoma City slapping tournament.

slapping contests

He shared pictures of him defeating his rival on social media. The video shows Sylvia brutally slapping her opponent in the face, causing her to lose her balance and fall to the ground.

The blow allowed Silvia to win the bout in the fifth round to capture the super heavyweight title.

Ben Rothwell, who had previously faced Sylvia in the UFC heavyweight division, had asked the American athlete about competing in the slapping championship, citing Sylvia’s 2015 MRI scan.

slapping contests

Sylvia replied, “The new MRI I had was fine. But my knees no longer allow me to run and do cardio, so I can no longer lift weights. As I said, there is nothing wrong with my brain.”

“My MRI was just like any other fighter who has been competing in MMA for a long time,” Silvia explained.

slapping contests

Neuroscientists call the slapping competition brutal because of the risk of brain damage to the participants.

slapping contests

The Slap Fight Championship, formerly known as Punchdown, is the main rival of the controversial Power Slap League, Dana White.

In the video below, see a collection of critical moments of the slapping contest:

Rules of the slapping contest

– Two competitors stand behind a platform and slap with open palms

– The duel is watched by three judges, two watching the fight directly and one reanalyzing the moves.

– Every participant must have a mouth guard and ear protection

– There should be companions near the opponent to prevent them from falling after a hard slap

Players apply talcum powder to their hands before hitting

– The position of the feet must be maintained before, during and after slapping

– Hitting the temple, nose, ear or larynx is prohibited

– The referees will make the final and irrevocable decision of the match

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