What is AutoGPT; Everything you need to know about ChatGPT competitor

It hasn’t been more than a few months since ChatGPT went public, but the impact this technology has had on the world has been huge. Now, another artificial intelligence has been introduced, which is called AutoGPT, and with its higher intelligence, it can probably make another noise in the world.

Artificial intelligence technology has been revived with the help of large language models and has attracted the attention of many people and large technology companies. But if you thought that something smarter than ChatGPT wouldn’t come out soon, you were wrong; Because now we are facing AutoGPT.

What is AutoGPT?

GPT stands for “Generative Pre-trained Transformer”; In simpler words, this technology tries to mimic the functioning of the human brain. But unlike ChatGPT, which, as the name suggests, needs to chat, that is, it needs to receive input from the user, AutoGPT does not need to receive multiple inputs from the user.

This technology can research itself, learn from its mistakes and change its behavior based on the situation. AutoGPT claims to be much faster and more efficient than the human brain. Isn’t it scary? If this AI model is really what it claims to be, it could pose a serious threat to many businesses.

AutoGPT was released on GitHub on March 30th by a developer named Significant Gravitas.

How does AutoGPT work?

AutoGPT has four key components that make this AI model as efficient and effective as it claims to be. This technology uses the GPT-4 model, which is the latest OpenAI language model, and is responsible for thinking.

This program is designed in such a way that it can automatically repeat its functions and thus correct its mistakes. AutoGPT can thus learn from these mistakes.

AutoGPT has a different memory. The program is integrated with vector databases that make it possible to store information and optimize decisions in the future.

Finally, AutoGPT has multi-functional capabilities. This program can search the internet in a few moments and get the information you want and store them or update your previous information.

A computer engineer says that in an experiment he had with AutoGPT, he asked the program to create a program. Then this artificial intelligence realized that the user’s computer lacked the Node platform and created the server on the computer by installing it; without requiring any action from the user.

How to use AutoGPT?

Unfortunately, unlike ChatGPT, which has a web-based interface, AutoGPT requires a bit of technical know-how and requires you to download a few special programs. The prerequisites for this technology are Python 3.8, an API key from OpenAI and an API key from PINECONE. Of course, if you want to hear the voice of this artificial intelligence, you also need an API key from ElevenLabs.

After installing these prerequisites, you can set up AutoGPT with the help of this guide.

What concerns are there about AutoGPT?

In recent months, concerns such as the use of ChatGPT by students in doing homework have been raised. But now AutoGPT takes these concerns to a different level. This program can do many tasks automatically without user intervention and can actually replace some labor forces.

This software has become the number one social media trend and many users believe that it can be considered as an example of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). Many experts had previously warned that AGI could bring unexpected changes to human life. Elon Musk and a group of technology activists wrote an open letter about this and asked artificial intelligence laboratories to temporarily stop the development of this technology.

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