What is Snapdragon Satelite satellite communication technology and how does it work?

Qualcomm several months ago Snapdragon Satellite unveiled and as you can guess, we are dealing with a satellite communication technology. After some time, Qualcomm announced that this technology will come to all its future chips and modems, so that most Android phones on the market can access it. But what is the Snapdragon Satellite technology, how does it work and what is its use?

It has been a while since the topic of satellite communication has become hot in the world of smartphones. To be more precise, by introducing the iPhone 14 series and the emergency satellite connection for these smartphones, Apple drew attention to it and companies wanted to bring this technology to various products.

In this article, we want to fully introduce you to Qualcomm’s satellite communication technology and how it works. We also tell which Android phones support it. Be with Digiato.

What is Snapdragon Satellite technology?

Snapdragon Satellite service

Snapdragon Satellite is a ground-to-satellite communication technology, and since many Android phones in the market are equipped with Qualcomm chipsets, this company’s technology can provide users with satellite communication much more than Apple. In fact, as we said, all of Qualcomm’s 5G chipsets, even the Snapdragon 4 series, will be equipped with satellite communication technology.

Like other satellite communication technologies that we have seen on the market to date, Snapdragon Satellite will not replace your smartphone’s cellular connection and is actually used for when you are not covered by a cellular network or Wi-Fi. In such a situation, you can use satellite communication to perform necessary tasks.

Since satellite connection is expensive and of course slow, you can’t turn to it for every use, and it won’t replace 5G or Wi-Fi internet right now. According to Qualcomm, Snapdragon Satellite will initially only support emergency messages (similar to iPhones), and then it will be possible to send normal messages using this technology.

When you need to connect to emergency services, this feature first connects to the Garmin Response system and then sends your GPS location to the first recipient.

Some time after the introduction of this technology, users can use Snapdragon Satellite to send and receive normal messages; However, it is not possible to make voice calls and it does not support mobile data. It should also be noted that messages with a maximum size of 140 bytes can be sent with this technology.

How does Snapdragon Satellite work?

How does Snapdragon Satellite work?

According to Qualcomm, the 2nd generation Snapdragon 8 flagship chip supports satellite communication. However, this feature is not yet publicly available. Technically, the Snapdragon X70 5G modem supports ultra-high frequency bands that allow smartphones to communicate directly with low-orbit satellites. These satellites are located higher than the telecommunication towers and cover more space.

For the Snapdragon Satellite feature, Qualcomm is partnering with American company Iridium Communications, which has 66 satellites in orbit. Garmin also uses this company’s technology and its inReach communication is based on this technology. Apple, however, cooperates with Globalstar, which has 48 satellites in orbit.

Unlike the iPhone’s satellite connection, which works at certain altitudes, Qualcomm uses pole-to-pole coverage. For example, users in northern Canada or Alaska have access to Snapdragon Satellite technology. This service will be offered first in Europe and North America.

Which Android phones support Snapdragon Satellite?

Which Android phones support Snapdragon Satellite?

Considering Snapdragon 8 Gen 2’s support for Snapdragon Satellite, you might think that companies will enable this feature for users by releasing an update, but unfortunately, that won’t happen in reality. In addition to the chipset and modem, the smartphone must have a special antenna. Therefore, not all Android flagships will support this feature in 2023.

Despite this, Qualcomm wants all phones equipped with Snapdragon chips to have access to satellite communication. Along with Qualcomm and Apple, SpaceX is also looking to bring satellite communication to smartphones, and for this, it is working with T-Mobile operator.

When the Snapdragon Satellite feature arrives, users will likely get access to a special user interface to use it. The connection is likely to be established in just a few seconds; Especially if the weather is clear and there are no obstacles in the way. According to Qualcomm, even tree leaves can cause a 10-second delay in sending messages.

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