What is the most important advantage of Parmis warehousing software?

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If you are the type of person who always carries your laptop with you to get the latest business reports, Android card reader and smart app. Parmis Smart are among your work priorities.

Manufacturer’s license Warehousing software A professional tries to provide the best management solutions for customers’ warehouses and solve their problems. One of these concerns is the lack of a unified system that can connect all accounting systems.

Advantages of the Parmis capillary spreader software

Capillary broadcast software By supporting two cold and hot capillary distribution methods and creating the necessary platform to manage the distribution and sale of goods, Parmis helps you a lot in managing the sale and distribution of products so that you can plan your sales with high precision and speed.

Also, in the capillary distribution software, it is possible to define the path in the form of a tree structure, a separate path for each marketer, define an unlimited number of visit plans, the possibility of registering and sending orders by the marketer, etc.

  • Invoicing, integrated connection to the accounting system, trading software, treasury, warehouse and capillary distribution are only part of the tasks of this system based on the ERP approach.
  • Reports from the account book at different levels (total, final, detailed) with different limits of date, document type, document number, etc.
  • Viewing the circulation of details in the form of microcirculation
  • Inventory accounting report
  • The document report is aggregated at the level of total amount (document summary) or component amount (document coverage) and without component amount.
  • Presentation of preliminary financial statements (balance sheet, trial balance, profit and loss, etc.) under various restrictions
  • Setting up the report plan and editing the report professionally
  • View 2, 4, 6 and 8 column balance sheet and trial balance report in Parmis Capillary Spreader software.
  • Specify who can sign reports and add re-signatories for each report
  • Regular and official journal report (according to the journal for written use)
  • Output of all reports in Word, Excel, PDF, etc.)
  • Balance sheet report in T format

Advantages of Parmis Android card reader

Android card reader Parmis is a versatile piece of hardware. A significant reduction in maintenance and equipment costs for used equipment such as printers, cash registers, computer systems, etc. is one of the advantages of Parmis Android card reader, because this device includes all these equipments.

Parmis Smart application is an Android cash register with the ability to be installed on an Android card reader. Parmis intelligent management dashboard allows you to invoice the amount of sales, purchases and consumption habits by just connecting your mobile phone to the Internet, clearly identify the amount of sales, purchases and consumption habits and instantly report to wherever you are. See your sales.

do. Salary report, tax, billing, accounting, employee shift management, etc. are among these reports.

Providing comprehensive, interactive and detailed reports along with the high speed of the software in recording documents and preventing human errors are the key goals of this approach. The result of this process will be the high speed of action and the creation of an agile system and finally the structured and conscious development of the user’s activity. Parmis Star accounting software is a complete package for medium and large companies with up-to-date needs that covers your financial and management needs with more than 20 subsystems.

Parmis warehousing software features

Parmis warehousing software with its integrated functionality has been able to easily keep all the financial parts of the business connected in one system. For example, the software system of sales, accounting or communication with customers and management must be connected and all the information recorded in one part can be easily entered in all parts and you can easily access any part of the system if needed.

In this way, everything will be done faster and we will see great productivity in business. And all the information recorded in the system will be used to increase the efficiency of production, sales and improve human resources.

Inventory management seems to be a very simple task at first, but if you want to do everything with high detail and accuracy and avoid possible losses. You should know that in order to reduce the error rate in sending goods to the customer and other tasks related to the warehouse, you must use professional warehouse software and do accurate and correct planning for timely shipment of goods, warehouse inventory management and timely procurement of goods.

Another challenge that we face in warehouse management and warehouse software has solved it for us is to prevent theft in warehouses, incorrect transportation and expiration of materials in warehouse. that the existence of professional warehouse software can help in all these fields and solve them.

Introducing the product in the form of a file

Issuance of goods bill in each case

Design the product barcode dynamically

The use of features in product introduction in Parmis warehousing software

Definition of a multi-part product with unlimited functionality

Determining the location of the goods

The possibility of simultaneously issuing financial documents for warehouse operations

Ability to register serial number and tracking code for all inventory transactions

Possibility of defining warehouse coding levels (possibility of coding warehouse groups)

The possibility of issuing a correction document for the reconstruction of the cardex of all goods in a certain period of time

Ability to monitor all inventory transactions with related financial remittances and inventory variance reports


In this useful article from Parmis, we discussed the introduction and benefits of Parmis storage software, capillary distribution software and Android card reader. To buy Parmis financial software, you can visit www.ParmisIT.com or call 02187758.

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