What is the purpose of the Harry Potter series?

As you probably know, the Harry Potter series was officially announced and answered the rumors positively. The series will adapt each of the seven Harry Potter books in one season and will introduce a whole new cast to a new generation of fans of the wizarding world. It was also revealed that the series is scheduled to air on HBO Max in 10 years.

The stories from each of Rowling’s Harry Potter books will become a decade-long series, produced with the same epic artistry, love and significance that this global franchise is known for.

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It is important to know that unlike the recent video game, Hogwarts Legacy, which the author was not involved in the development of, this time he will have the role of executive producer of the series. You are probably familiar with the events that occurred in relation to JK Rowling’s controversial comments and the issues that arose regarding her being homophobic. In the same case, some believe that JK Rowling’s presence in this project will be accompanied by side effects, and more importantly, what is the purpose of making the Harry Potter series and what will be the fans’ reaction to it.

As mentioned earlier, completely new actors are going to play the characters of the story, and the serial format allows the creators more space and time to deal with the details, characterization and unspoken points of the Harry Potter world. But this question has arisen for many audiences and experts in the field of film and cinema, what is the main and necessary reason for making this series. If you are a big fan of the Star Wars universe, you often want to make new movies and series from it and return to its stories and characters.

Harry Potter series

But it’s not Max making a new series based on previously unknown characters. It is Disney Plus that is going to turn an ambitious project into a TV series. In the eight Harry Potter movies currently available, sure, some things have been overlooked or left out, but fans want to create more content around the Harry Potter world, which includes a theater, an amusement park, a video game, and more. The entire Fantastic Beasts series is worth checking out if you really need more of a wizarding world.

But we also pointed out the side effects of JK Rowling’s controversial comments. Many of the cast members of the original Potter films have since condemned Rowling’s comments. From the cast of the new series to the director and screenwriter signed on for the new series, Rowling is asked about her views on their involvement in the series she executive produces.

Harry Potter series

So maybe this new project is somehow intended to support JK Rowling; Because when Casey Bellows, HBO’s chief content officer and CEO of Max, was asked at the press event if Rowling’s views would make it difficult to cast the show, she declined to comment, saying that now was not the time to talk. “Obviously, the story of Harry Potter is incredibly positive and about love and self-acceptance, and our priority is to do the best we can on television,” he told reporters.

Therefore, we have to wait and see if this series intends to reflect Rowling’s vision or, as previously announced, it will be made with full fidelity to the original story in the books.

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