What is the story of calls from unknown foreign numbers and what should be done to deal with them?

From time to time, the number of unknown single calls from unknown foreign numbers increases for Iranian subscribers, and with the arrival of the new year and the Nowruz holiday, we once again see an increase in these calls for some subscribers. In this case, unknown numbers from foreign countries whose prefixes are mainly related to South Africa; They call the subscriber and give him a Miss Call. What is the story of these calls and what should be done about them?

Receiving calls from unknown international numbers arouses the curiosity of subscribers. After receiving these calls, subscribers call these numbers to satisfy their curiosity; Unaware that their call will cost them tens of thousands of tomans. This method of fraud is called Vanagiri fraud.

The term Wangiri is derived from a Japanese word that means a bell and hangs up. Having a Missed Call from an unknown number, especially the number belonging to African countries such as Zimbabwe, Trinidad and Tobago, South Africa, Sudan, Ghana, etc., most likely means that you are involved in this type of fraud and you should not call these numbers. In this type of fraud, he prepares a series of special or premium numbers and calls them randomly to numbers all over the world and immediately disconnects them so that a missed call can be seen on the victim’s phone. If the victim attempts to make a call back to the attacker, a recorded message will be played for him and he will be involved in high bills without the person realizing it, so that even one second call to these numbers may cost tens of thousands. It will cost a thousand tomans.

This method of fraud is common all over the world and it first appeared in America and now it has reached all parts of the world including Iran. The former Minister of Communications had given warnings about these calls, but it seems that the follow-up to stop these calls has not been successful. Regardless of the origin of these calls and fraud that is directed from inside or outside the country, it is recommended that users refrain from calling the said number again after making any unfamiliar international call and ending the conversation, so as not to incur heavy costs.

The best way to deal with these calls is first of all not to answer them and not to call them, and secondly, give this number to the support of your SIM card operator, or in a higher step, present this number to the 195 system that follows people’s complaints in the field It is communication. Also, FATA Police has announced that “Citizens should report any suspicious calls or information about any criminal activity in cyberspace or mobile messengers through the address of FATA Police at www.Cyberpolice.ir Public Communication Department.”

The important thing you should know about these calls is that some of these calls wait until the subscriber answers the phone and then hang up on the spot. You should know that if you answer these calls, your phone number will be registered in the list of profit seekers behind the curtain, among the special phone numbers, and the number of calls to you will be more and more. Therefore, ignoring these calls and not answering them until the last moment of their call is the best way to deal with them.

When making a call to these numbers from the subscriber’s side, it will usually be connected to a pre-recorded voice that tries to keep the subscriber on the call. Things like winning the lottery or even using Quranic verses to make the user not hang up the phone; These types of calls are among the actions of profiteers behind the scenes.

These calls, which usually occur from prefixes such as +678, +960, +267, +2424, +592, etc., belong to the countries of Vanuatu, Maldives, Madagascar, Botswana, Guinea, Guyana, etc., only It is not unique to Iran and as mentioned, this phenomenon is currently happening in many countries. The purpose of these calls is to obtain illegal income from subscribers of other countries.

Have you experienced such calls? Share with us.

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