What movies and series should we watch during Nowruz holiday 1402?

Nowruz holidays are approaching and this period is the best time to watch some interesting and entertaining movies and series; In this article, we introduce 4 very good movies and 4 series.

The end of March arrived again and the beginning of Nowruz began; We at Zumji have special plans for this holiday. As every year, this year we decided to introduce a series of interesting movies and series to you to watch and enjoy during Nowruz holidays. Although this year’s Nowruz is not the same as previous years and it is very different!

If you are also looking for interesting movies and series for the holidays, be sure to watch this video and article until the end, because as always, we introduce an interesting work for every taste and audience.

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Poster of The Bear series

4- Bear series

The Bear series

  • builders: Christopher Storer
  • Actors: Jeremy Allen White, Ibn Maas-Bachrak and Ayo Adabiri
  • Total number of episodes: 8
  • Average duration: 47-20 minutes

Khers was one of the most successful series of 2022, which was welcomed by the audience in a strange way. What was the reason for the great reception? Most of them liked the directing style and acting style of the actors very much. This series became so successful and popular that a month after its broadcast, the creators decided to put the second season on the agenda. Carmen is an award-winning chef who returns to Chicago to run the family’s Italian restaurant after her older brother commits suicide.

Although this restaurant and its employees are very different from Carmen’s previous restaurants, she has to stay there and work for the time being so that she can clear the debts that her brother has placed on them and repay the creditors. The Bear series, which has a comedy and drama style, has already won several awards such as the Golden Globe and the American Film Institute, among others.

Sisters walk on the road Bad Sisters series

3- Bad sisters series

Bad Sisters series

  • builders: Sharon Horgan, Dave Finkel and Brett Burr
  • Actors: Sharon Horgan, Annie Marie Duff and Eva Berthistle
  • Total number of episodes: 10
  • Average duration: 49-58 minutes

Maybe you know the Bad Sisters series under the name of Emerald because it first started with this name. This series, which has the style of horror, drama and of course black comedy, is made in Ireland, but because the characters talk to each other in English, you can watch it safely. The story of the series is clear from its name; Five sisters named Eva, Grace, Ursula, Bibi and Becca who live in the modern world and the city of Dublin.

After Grace’s controlling and abusive husband, John Powell, dies unexpectedly, the sisters are thrown into the middle of a life insurance company’s investigation. The story keeps moving between different timelines; One of them is before the death of John Powell, which shows that the Grace sisters planned to kill him. Now this insurance agent is determined to show that the story’s sisters had a role in this story.

Nathan Fielder is sitting next to the mannequins, training series

2- Exercise series

The Rehearsal series

  • builders: Nathan Fielder
  • Actors: Nathan Fielder
  • Total number of episodes: 6
  • Average duration: 44-27 minutes

This case is a little different from other series because it shows us the combination of comedy and documentary genre. But this case, like the other cases in this list, was able to attract a lot of attention and praise from critics, and of course, it was renewed for the second season. Now what is the story of this series? The story of this series takes place in a world where nothing seems to work out in the way you expect and does not go according to plan; How familiar is it? Now, in the middle of this, a character named Nathan Fielder decides to provide an exciting opportunity for people to practice their own lives by hiring different actors and spaces.

People can have difficult conversations or make different decisions in this situation. Now, these situations may be very strange or complicated. It looks like a very interesting series… definitely watch it.

Hotel employees send customers away. White lotus series

1- White lotus series

The White Lotus series

  • builders: Mike White
  • Actors: Murray Bartlett, Connie Britton and Jennifer Coolidge
  • Total number of episodes: 13
  • Average duration: 54-77 minutes

What could complete this list of ours is a series with all the famous actors. Now these actors are going to go somewhere where they can release their worst and most special desires. These servants of God think how much fun they are going to have this one week and relax so to speak; They think they are going to enter heaven. But every day that passes, a strange and dark complication appears that darkens the perfect imagination of these travelers; The idea they had of this hotel, its very happy and happy staff and also its ideal neighborhood.

The White Lotus series is a sharp social satire that shows us different social issues in different ways and questions them. People who stay in this hotel expect a very good vacation, but they end up being affected by various disorders.


Speak No Evil movie poster

4- Don’t talk bad about the movie

Speak No Evil movie

  • builders: Christian Tufdrop
  • Actors: Morten Burian, Sidsel Sim Koch and Fadja van Hoet
  • Average duration: 98 minutes

First of all, let me say that the genre of this movie is horror, so if you love horror movies, don’t miss this one at all. The story is about a Danish family who go to their Dutch friends’ house for rest and vacation. But we all know that things don’t go that way. Because the hosts have a bit of a mental problem, they decide to test their guests and put them in different situations. On the other hand, the poor Danes try hard not to get angry and remove courtesy and respect towards their hosts in unpleasant situations and strange events.

Critics liked this movie very much; It is because of the script it had, its directing style and of course the acting style of the actors. But unfortunately, ordinary viewers like you and me didn’t agree with the critics… but if you like horror movies, watch it.

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On animation

3- Marcel’s animation, shoe to foot shell

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On animation

  • builders: Dean Fletcher Camp
  • Actors: Jenny Slate, Rosa Salazar and Thomas Mann
  • Average duration: 90 minutes

This item, which is also an animation, was chosen among the best animations of 2022 and made a lot of noise. The main character of this animation is a small and lovable oyster who lives a colorful and beautiful life with her grandmother and her pet; Something we need very much these days. Separated from the very large community of oysters, they now live alone as the only survivors of a tragic and mysterious event.

But in the middle, a documentary maker is found who makes small films of them and distributes them on the Internet. People who fall in love with googly and cute creatures, immediately make him famous, which causes new dangers to affect their lives.

Colin Farrell in The Banshees of Inisherin

2- Inishreen movies

The Banshees of Inisherin movie

  • builders: Martin McDonagh
  • Actors: Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson and Carrie Condon
  • Average duration: 114 minutes

It is interesting that this work caused a lot of noise like the previous one… Many people liked this film; From ordinary viewers to critics. These situations happen very, very rarely, so don’t miss watching this movie at all. This film, which is a drama and comedy, shows the story of two very old friends named Padraic and Colm.

One day Colm has a nightmare and decides to break up with Padraic. Padraic, who doesn’t pay attention to these words, gets help from his sister and one of the people of the island and plans to restore this relationship to the previous state. But these many efforts make his old friend insist more on his decision. Over time, everything falls apart and Padraic’s actions have other shocking consequences for him.

Nicolas Cage and Pedro Pascal in The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

1- An overwhelming heavy film with a lot of talent

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent movie

  • builders: Tom Gormican
  • Actors: Nicolas Cage, Pedro Pascal and Sharon Horgan
  • Average duration: 107 minutes

We decided to finish our list with a comedy, action and crime film; With attractive actors like Nicolas Cage and Pedro Pascal, who has made many people fall in love with him these days with the role of Joel; Don’t forget Tiffany Hadish that we wronged ourselves. At the center of the story, we have a fictionalized version of Nic Cage who has to accept a million dollar offer and attend a birthday party for a superfan named Dave Gutierrez, who is also very dangerous.

But when Nic Cage is recruited by the CIA, everything goes awry. In this mission, Nick must appear like a legend in order to save himself and his loved ones; That too by resorting to the iconic and popular characters he has played.

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