What movies to watch this weekend: from Wim Wenders to Jack Nicholson

Movies whose characters have hit the heart of the road; From Kings of the Road directed by Wim Wenders to the work focusing on the members of a Siberian band who travel with the frozen corpse of a former gang member.

Number 290 of the article series “What movie should we watch this weekend?” Zoomji media is full of movies whose characters change in the heart of the roads; Whether it’s a story about an old man who wants to feel that he has an impact on the world or a story about a theater projector repairman meeting a pediatrician. Roads bring them together and us next to them.

This film introduction article is not only limited to American cinema and also includes works from Finland and Germany. If you’re looking for films that don’t take themselves too seriously, but at the same time often have a lot of serious things to say, at least two of the following four films are likely to satisfy you.

The man in the suit in the black and white image of Wim Wenders' Kings of the Road

Kings of the Road (1976)

Roads have a poetic role in cinema. The movement of humans by any means and in any form along the roads can symbolize our efforts to move forward or even backward in real life. On these roads, people sometimes find conversation, sometimes they get lonely, and sometimes they get the opportunity to gain self-knowledge.

Wim Wenders is undoubtedly one of the masters of road films, and in Kings of the Road he shows how two people can have different origins and destinations, but travel together in the heart of the road. They are very different people and a sudden companionship is not going to align their life paths. But at the end of this ride, maybe both are ready to enjoy life more and better than before.

Members of a gang with strange hair in Leningrad Cowboys Go America

Leningrad Cowboys Go America (1989)

Sometimes dramedy movies embrace so much black humor that some people find it difficult to connect with them. But these types of movies also manage to find their own audience. Because there are not a few viewers who believe that the correct presentation of the strange world around us is only possible with these exaggerated and strange narratives.

Leningrad Cowboys Go America, in addition to showing the adventure of a strange group of characters on their journey to the American continent, is about the changes we undergo along the way to become more mature. This movie is about a band and the music of its members changes over time. Because they hear more people’s voices and see a bigger world. Does this effort to adapt and not fall behind destroy their true music or enrich their works?

Father next to daughter and future son-in-law in About Schmidt movie

About Schmidt (2002)

Jack Nicholson With an excellent role-playing and worthy of scrutiny, he becomes one of the most normal and believable people in the movie About Schmidt; A person whose age exceeded 60, reached retirement and realized that he may not have made that much of an impact on the world. So, while he feels that he is a stranger to his life, he hits the road to keep moving and not stop at one place.

His goal of this trip is to reach the girl who was emotionally distant from him for years. Now the father wants to influence his daughter’s life; Not necessarily to show him affection, but to touch the feeling of “being influential”. The result of such an effort is nothing but the creation of distressing situations for several people. Because the first man must clarify his duty with himself. He must first understand what he wanted from life and what he wants from life now. It is not difficult to connect with such a story; Especially if a person has asked himself how many times the world will change without him.

The laughter of the young boy in the movie DreamKeeper, produced in 2003

Dream Keeper (2003)

While many road movies want to remind their audience of moving forward and the importance of passing through different moments, DreamKeeper wants its main character to remember the past. The story is about a boy who embarks on an ordinary road trip with his grandfather. Grandfather is a storyteller; Narrator of the stories of people whose culture and world view is fading day by day in the world.

So the storyteller begins to tell a story. Both the boy hears the stories and so do we. Because the grandfather wants to keep these stories alive. Because he wants his grandson to know that no matter how high he goes, he will need his roots.

It has been said that the youth of today are the warriors of tomorrow. I look at you and say we are in big trouble.”

“U know [بابابزرگ؟] “Sometimes you can be a mean old man.”

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