What movies to watch this weekend: two crime films from the 90s and two delightful Disney animations

Peter Pan, a work by the director of The Devil’s Advocate, a terrifying crime film starring Edward Norton and The Man.

Zomji always in the series of articles “What movie should we watch this weekend?” He has tried to introduce various works to different types of respected audiences according to different tastes. Because not only different people can always have different cinematic desires, but even a certain person goes to the cinema in different situations with a special feeling.

The first and last works included in this film introduction article are Disney animations from different periods of this great company’s activity; Animations, each of which was a dream for the audiences of their time and entertained different family members well with sweet storytelling. In the meantime, it is interesting to pay attention to the huge difference in the types of illustrations and graphic effects of the two selected animations. Because they were released almost 6 decades apart.

Between these animations, you will come across two scary adult films that have well-known actors and have been praised by many audiences.

Flying in the moonlit sky in Peter Pan, a Disney animated film from 1953

Peter Pan (1953)

Peter Pan animation was ahead of its time in many ways. Because in addition to telling a classic story with a hero and an anti-hero, it catered to fans entering the world of their favorite hero. That’s why Wendy, who enters the magical land of Neverland with her brothers, is one of the main characters of the animation, just like Tinker Bell, Peter Pan and Captain Hook.

It may be interesting to know that Peter Pan, produced in 1953, sold 87.4 million dollars from a budget of 4 million dollars. This year, the live-action film Peter Pan & Wendy directed by David Lavery It will be broadcast on the Disney Plus online network.

Kathy Bates in the movie Dolores Claiborne, produced in 1995

Dolores Claiborne (1995)

The story of Dolores Claiborne’s film is about a reporter’s trip to a small town; A reporter who left this small community years ago and got used to city life. Why does he go back? Because his mother has been accused of murdering an old woman. But why should an elderly woman who lived as a housewife do such a thing?

The power of Dolores Claiborne’s film comes from the step-by-step unfolding of secrets. Many times when a strange and shocking event happens, people just come to their senses and look back better than before. Dolores Claiborne allows the character to better understand the darkness of her life while trying to recover from a dark event.

Edward Norton in Primal Fear, 1996

Primal Fear (1996)

As in the previous work, here we are dealing with an accusation of murder. Primal Fear shows a young boy named Aaron, played by Edward Norton, whose life is officially turned upside down due to the accusation of murdering a priest.

The story reaches its main and engaging part when a lawyer named Martin Will decides to defend him in court; A lawyer who Richard Gere It is his duty to play his role. As it unfolds, the film allows the audience to feel closer to discovering the truth with its remarkable storytelling. But the darkness of the truth should not be underestimated. Because in this type of stories, the more we get closer to the hidden realities behind the apparent crimes, the bigger crimes we see. Indeed, if you enjoyed watching this movie, you might want to give other works with authorship a chance Ann Biedermann You will not regret either; Works like the crime drama series Ray Donovan.

The girl with long blonde hair from Tangled animation next to the white horse

Tangled (2010)

A girl lives in a tall tower and an evil woman is taking advantage of her so much that she uses her hair to climb up and down the tower. The girl also lives in the fantasy that the woman protects her. He has believed the lie that the profiteer cares about him.

Animations like Tangled, which are full of audible music and simple but lovely romances, easily win the hearts of many audiences. But one of the most important reasons for us to come along with these stories is that their characters are in bitter and palpable situations. No, we don’t live in a tower and no one is walking up and down with our hair. But we understand well why someone can be busy combing our hair in appearance and in fact busy abusing our abilities. Tangled animation is musical, adventurous, romantic, childish, fantasy and funny. At the same time, none of these attractive features make this work devoid of the deep human emotions that connect us to it. Disney’s best movies are usually like this; Works like Enchanted movie.

Such movies don’t just want to show a dreamy version of life. Rather, by quietly pointing to the real pains of real life, they make us allow ourselves to believe these sweet fantasies for at least two hours. Man can both accept the fictionality of “imagination” and wish that one day real life can have a little of its beauty.

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