What to play this weekend: a trip to the Middle Ages!

In this episode of what to play weekend articles, we’ll go over two medieval themed games.

Video games have depicted different periods of history; From WWII and modern battles to historical battles in the form of strategy games or other genres. In this episode of what to play this weekend, we’re going back to the Middle Ages and introducing two lesser-known games that take place during this period and can be enjoyed. Be with the introduction of games.

The logo of the game Knights of Honor II: Sovereign among the castles

Game Knights of Honor II: Sovereign

For the first game, we have Knights of Honor II: Sovereign. A strategy game released in late 2022 that offers an overall good experience in the genre that is a good mix of building, fighting, and managing different aspects of a medieval civilization.

The first version of Knights of Honor was released in 2004 and was created by Black Sea Studios. At that time, this game was one of the high-quality strategy works, and apart from the positive features of the game itself, it was welcomed for one reason, and that was the support for mods. Many mods were made for this game, some of which even completely changed the mood of the game. Fans of the series had to wait for many years to experience a new version of it, and maybe that’s why Knights of Honor II: Sovereign was not as well known as it should be, and most of the relatively old gamers are familiar with it.

Knights of Honor II: Sovereign can be played in both single player and online multiplayer. In the single-player mode, we see a large map of Europe where different medieval civilizations can be selected and entered into the game. Each of these civilizations has its own characteristics, and playing with each conveys a different feeling. At first glance, when you enter the game, you may feel that we are dealing with a turn-based experience, and the appearance of the case has a feeling similar to the campaigns of the Total War series. However, Knights of Honor II: Sovereign is a simultaneous strategy game and does not feature turn-based mechanics. You and other civilizations must work together on the map to achieve your goals.

The battlefield in the game Knights of Honor II: Sovereign

Knights of Honor II: Sovereign is a combination of different aspects of a strategy game, but as the creators have emphasized in its introduction, they have tried to present these things without the common complications of some similar works, so that everyone can enjoy the game experience. Resource management plays an essential role in the game, and besides that, aspects such as diplomacy and military can also make the players successful. You can build your own armies with a huge variety of troops and if you are interested in advancing militarily, conquer them by raiding different areas.

The battles are really well designed in the game; So that you can finish these battles in a fast and automatic way and personally take control of the forces and manage the battlefield. The attack on the big castles of the enemies using different equipment and forces conveys the feeling of the medieval battles well, and in terms of scale, we see a good situation. The modern and modern visual effects of the game also help to better convey the feeling of the battles.

Overall, Knights of Honor II: Sovereign is a work that can keep you entertained for a long time if you like strategy games, and the good variety of civilizations is another important factor that increases the value of the long-term experience of the game.

Medieval Dynasty game poster and logo

Game Medieval Dynasty

After a strategy game, for the second game, let’s go for a role-playing game with elements of survival and construction. Medieval Dynasty was released in 2020 and thanks to the good support of its creators at Render Cube Studio, it has become a successful and popular game on Steam.

Medieval Dynasty tells the story of a character who starts his career in the Middle Ages of Europe and must try to survive first and then try to make the world around him the way he wants. The survival aspects of the game include attention to things like food and you have to survive by hunting or finding various other food items in the game world! Another important element in the game is construction. More than 100 items including weapons and other equipment can be made, and you can get the necessary resources for this by exploring the game world.

Gameplay of Medieval Dynasty and Farm

Of course, construction in the game is not limited to equipment, and you can also build different buildings. Maybe at first, the ability to build in this field is limited to a simple shelter, but over time, you can even build large stone mansions and have your own land. The game even has facilities such as family formation. Even though Medieval Dynasty has specific missions, you can even be completely indifferent to these things and move forward as you wish in its wide open world and build and change the world as you wish.

The game also has role-playing elements and you can make your character stronger over time and create the character you really have in mind by interacting with other characters and doing things like starting a family that we mentioned. All this takes place in a world that offers good visual quality. So, if you are looking for a game where you can experience a medieval virtual life, Medieval Dynasty will be the right choice for you.

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