What to play this weekend: a trip to the world of survival games

In this part of what to play weekend articles, we will go to two survival-oriented experiences. Be with Zumji.

As usual on Wednesdays, this week in another part of what to play weekend articles, we will introduce two games. It was a while ago that the game Sons of the Forest was released in Early Access mode, and we used this as an excuse to go to the previous version of this game, and in addition, we are also introducing a very impressive survival game. Stay tuned for more.

Plane crash in The Forest game

The Forest game

Not long ago, the Early Access version of Sons of the Forest was released, and these days it has been welcomed by users on Steam. This game, which had recently surpassed works like Starfield and managed to record the highest number of wishlists on Steam, sold more than 2 million copies in the first 24 hours of its Early Access release and set a record of 250,000 simultaneous players. . So it’s not bad to go to the previous version to see where this collection started.

The Forest game is made by Endnight Games studio and was first released in 2014 as an early access version and its final version was made available in 2018. The creators of this game were inspired by movies such as The Descent and Cannibal Holocaust, and the game Don’t Starve was an important source of inspiration for its video game aspect. The studio that created the game, previously worked in the field of film special effects and had a history of working on films such as The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Tron: Legacy. With an initial budget of $125,000, they started working on the game with the Unity engine, and in 2013, they got Steam Greenlight approval.

The Forest takes players to the Peninsula region and introduces us to a character named Eric LeBlanc, who is looking for his son after a plane crash. But this is only the appearance of the story and in this strange world, unexpected events await the players. The Forest has no linear and stage-oriented structure and leaves players in a large open world to find a way to survive in different ways. During the stages of its development, the creators of the game tried a lot so that their creation did not have the feeling of works like DayZ or Rust and offered a unique experience, which honestly they were successful in this way.

Gameplay and enemies of The Forest game

The general process of the game includes tasks such as building shelters, weapons, and of course paying attention to the various needs of the main character of the game for survival. The interesting thing about The Forest is the enemies; Your enemies in the game are cannibalistic creatures that, when dealing with them, sometimes the question arises whether they are the enemy of the main character of the game or vice versa? The reason for such a claim is the type of behavior and reactions that these enemies do, especially during the day, and many times far from the brutality that is expected from the “enemy” in a survival-oriented game, they have a defensive state, and without spoiling much of the game, Sometimes they even behave as if their goal is to communicate with the player. This issue has created a different and special experience in the game.

Of course, maybe by reading these things, you feel that the game probably lacks the challenge that one expects from a survival-oriented work; But in practice it is not like that. For example, at night, the situation in The Forest changes and the enemies become more aggressive. On the other hand, as you advance in the game world and discover new parts of it, you will encounter more strange creatures and, in general, you will never feel safe and calm in the game. Although The Forest is a work with high freedom of action, you can experience one of the two story endings by doing things. Overall, this game is considered one of those influential works in the survival style, and if you are interested in such games focused on construction and trying to survive, you will never regret experiencing it.

Android game Don't Starve: Pocket Edition

Don’t Starve game

It is not fair to talk about the survival genre and not mention one of the best independent games of this genre. Don’t Starve, created by Klei Entertainment studio and produced in 2013, is one of those games that can be enjoyed for a very long time without feeling monotonous and tired.

The Klei Entertainment studio is also known for games like Shank and Mark of the Ninja, and the idea of ​​Donut Staro came to fruition in 2010 during a 48-hour Game Jam event. However, the creators were busy developing other games at that time, and finally, it was from 2012 that they officially started making a survival-oriented game, and in this way, Minecraft was a very important source of inspiration for the developers.

In many ways, Don’t Starve offers the same things that are common among survival games; Players start out by guiding the main character on a random map, with almost nothing special at first. Over time, you must build different equipment by collecting resources and using this equipment, you will get more advanced resources to build structures and items that will help you survive. Meanwhile, all kinds of threats are waiting for you on the map; From a snake that can make all your efforts to survive meaningless by biting the character, to being poisoned by eating food and things like that. One of the main attractions of the game is its night and day cycle. If we call the day the time to try to collect resources and build the shelter, the night is the time when the threats of the game world become many times more ruthless and at this time, the goal will be to keep the fire lit to stay safe from the threats.

The character of Wilson played by Donette Staro

Of course, over time, the player will gain access to more powerful tools for survival, and the threats will become more ruthless in proportion to this situation. The goal in Don’t Starve is to survive for the longest time, and when the main character dies, you have to start all over again on another random map. However, Don’t Starve is one of those games where even failure is enjoyable; Because failure means gaining experience and knowing more mechanics that can increase your chances of survival the next time. In other words, Don’t Starve puts the player into a kind of loop of failure and retrying, and it is such a detailed and sweet experience that being trapped in this loop is really a great pleasure and you will be more eager to experience it again every time.

For Don’t Starve, various add-on packages have been released to date, and the game is available on many platforms, including mobile, and you can experience it at any time and place. Don’t Starve is without a doubt another influential work of the survival genre, and if for whatever reason you haven’t picked it up yet, I suggest you do.

Finally, please share your thoughts about this week’s games with Zumji and its users.

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