What to play this weekend: from Batman to Megaman

In this episode of what to play weekend articles, we have a copy of Rocksteady’s Batman collection and we also introduce a game collection.

As usual on Tuesdays, this week we will introduce two games in another part of what to play weekend articles. The first game is a quality version of the Rocksteady Batman series, which had its own controversies at the time of its release, and the second game is basically a series of games of a very lovable character.

Batman next to the Batmobile in the game Batman Arkham Knight

Batman: Arkham Knight game

Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham series is undoubtedly one of the best superhero games we’ve seen in the last decade. This studio offered valuable games to gamers in every way, and Batman: Arkham Knight is the latest version of this series, which on the one hand has really good quality, and on the other hand, it had a strange situation on PC at the time of its release.

After the successful launch of Arkham City version of Batman, Paul Dini, the writer of this game and the version of Arkham Asylum, announced that he will not have a role in writing the story of the sequel. Rocksteady went to its own writers for the story of the game, and the official process of making Batman: Arkham Knight began in 2011. As the publisher of the game, Warner Bros. considered Rocksteady’s initial idea very suitable for this version, but on the other hand, Rocksteady had taken approximately three years to prepare the game; For this reason, they came to the conclusion that in the meantime, another version of the series can be released, the task of making this game called Arkham Origins will be given to the studio. It was entrusted to WB Games MontrĂ©al and, story-wise, it was a prequel.

Batman among enemies in Batman Arkham Knight

Batman: Arkham Knight was finally officially released in 2015. Its console versions were generally acceptable from a technical point of view, and for this reason, the meta score of the PlayStation 4 version of the game was 87 and the Xbox One version was also 85. But the PC version was where we witnessed a technical disaster! This version, for which Meta 70 is also registered, had all kinds of technical problems at the time of release. So that even the most powerful graphics cards of that time were unable to run the game properly and reach the minimum frame rate, and it became a situation where from the manufacturers themselves to companies like AMD and Nvidia, they were looking for a little better performance with possible tools. But all these efforts were of no use, and a few days after the release, the Warner company officially stopped selling the PC version and even offered to return the money of its previous buyers. But over time, this version of the game got a better condition and now you can enjoy it without the problems of the release time.

Aside from all the minor issues with the PC version, Batman: Arkham Knight was really a quality game. In this version, we see a very good story, and with the presence of various characters, and at the head of them is Batman himself, who has a very good characterization, and his voiceover, like the previous versions, was done with very good quality by Kevin Conroy, and a pleasant narrative has been presented to the gamers. In terms of gameplay, Arkham Knight added many new details to previous games; The usual mechanics of fighting and solving puzzles are more complete and expanded with new details, and much better than before, you can fly over the city using Batman’s cape and stay in this state for a longer time. In this version, the Batmobile has also been added to the game as a usable device, and although there were conflicting opinions about the general mechanics of using it, but overall, this feature can be considered positive.

In general, Batman: Arkham Knight was a quality experience of directing the beloved and extremely popular character of Batman, and it is not without reason that many gamers always hope that one day Rocksteady will go to this superhero again and they can have a first-class game from him again. If you haven’t visited Arkham Knight until now due to technical issues at the time of release or any other reason, these days are a good opportunity to do so.

Different versions of the Mega Man collection

Mega Man Legacy Collection

After the extremely popular Batman, for the second game of this week, we go to another old and famous character of the video game world, Mega Man. A few years ago, Capcom decided to release different versions of this extensive collection in the form of a collection of games, and thanks to them, you can have a real marathon of playing old Mega Man games.

The first game collection released was the Mega Man Legacy Collection, which was released in 2015 and was developed by Eclipse Digital Studios. In this collection, we saw the first 6 versions of the original Mega Man. In 2017, it was the turn of Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, which was developed by Capcom itself and included Mega Man 7 to Mega Man 10. In the following years, more Mega Man series were made available, including Mega Man X, Mega Man Zero/ZX, and Mega Man Battle Network.

Megaman game characters

I suggest that if you plan to go to Mega Man, start your work with the same version of Mega Man Legacy Collection and then go to the second version. The games in this series are 2D action and platformer experiences, and first of all, I must warn you to prepare yourself for challenging games. Gamers can experience either the Japanese version of Rocketman or the global Megaman version of the games. A challenge mode is also available, through which you have to try to complete a stage in the specified time.

All in all, Megaman games are among the high-quality 2D action platformers, and if you like such games and are looking for a challenge, I suggest you give Mega Man Legacy Collection a chance.

Finally, as always, please share your thoughts on this week’s games with Zumji and its users.

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