What will the future Batmans be like in movies and TV?

In this article, we have a look at the current and future conditions of Batman movies and television. From The Batman sequel to Gotham PD series. Be with Zumji.

From the release of The Dark Knight Rises and retirement Christian Bale As the Dark Knight of Gotham, until today, the character of “Batman” has been portrayed by various artists on the silver screen and in the heart of the magic box of television. From Ben Affleck (Batman Vs Superman and Justice League movie) and David Albert Mazouz (Gotham series) to Robert Pattinson (The Batman movie) There were people who, after Christian Bale, by donning the dark knight’s cape and mask, narrated parts of Batman’s stories and created different storylines. A series of complicated storylines that are impossible to talk about and make sure of their connection or lack of connection without lingering and scratching your head.

You probably remember that in the superhero cinema of the 2000s there were no continuous and connected story lines. For example, three films of Spider-Man and three films of Batman were made, each of which had its own story line and was narrated in its own world and had nothing to do with other characters and other superhero stories. With the formation of the Marvel and DC cinematic universe as we know it today, we now have a series of films that are arranged around a central axis, thanks to a story line, like pieces of a rosary.

After the disintegration of the DC films, we see the introduction and narration of several storylines of the character of Batman at the same time; Like the story line of The Batman to the director Matt Reeves Along with the related series that are narrated in this cinematic world, Ben Affleck’s Batman story line, whose presence in The Flash and Aquaman 2 movies has suggested the possibility of his stories being sequels; In addition to all of these, there are Joker movies starring Joaquin Phoenix, which are currently narrated in their own independent world (independent storyline) and are not supposed to be connected to other Batman cinematic worlds.

In the meantime, an earlier version of Batman with acting Michael Keaton It was mentioned in the cinema that he is going to return in the movie The Flash. Michael Keaton’s Batman was even supposed to appear in the canceled Batgirl movie and become one of the important parts of the DC cinematic universe. Batman movies have an interesting and complicated situation; Something like the state of Gotham City. Now that we know about the conditions governing Batman film adaptations, join Zoomji to take a look at the current and future status of Batman movies.

Leslie Grace as Batgirl on the rooftop in Batgirl

The canceled Batgirl movie

[حضور قطعی نسخه مایکل کیتون از شخصیت بتمن در این فیلم]

Thanks to mediums such as animation and video games, the character of Batgirl has gained significant popularity among the general audience in recent years. The process that led to Warner’s green light to produce a Batgirl movie. A work that could never see the light of day.

Batgirl movie with performances by people like Leslie Grace (Leslie Grace), Michael Keaton (in the role of Batman) and JK Simmons (as Commissioner Gordon) hit a dead end when it was least expected and production was canceled. Some analysts speculated that Warner.Discovery’s decision to cancel this $90 million project was aimed at circumventing laws related to tax issues; Later, the company confirmed that the film in question will not even be broadcast on HBO Max. David Zaslav (then director of Warner.Discovery) about the decision to cancel the production of Batgirl, announced that “we will never release movies that we don’t believe in”. It is still unclear why Zaslav should not believe in the Batgirl movie. The work which was said to have received good reactions during its test screenings. Of course, not everything is clear yet; Maybe in the future we will see this movie broadcast on HBO Max; Exactly the same way that Warner Bros. took Zack Snyder’s version of Justice League. Because a very high volume of the Batgirl film production process had been completed.

Due to the presence of JK Simmons as Commissioner Gordon in this film, it was possible that the story of Batgirl was going to be narrated in the original DC cinematic universe (Snyder’s universe). But the main question was related to the presence of Michael Keaton in this movie. Keaton’s Batman during the movie The Flash along with Batman Affleck during an event related to parallel worlds (exactly like the events of No Way Home) opens his foot to the DC cinematic world. The interesting point here is that apparently during the production of the Batgirl movie, DC’s plans were arranged based on Kitunder’s long presence in this world. Now that Affleck has appeared again as Batman in Aquaman 2, it seems that DC’s plans have changed.

New image of Barry Allen/Flash in The Flash movie

The Flash movie

[حضورقطعی نسخه مایکل کیتون و بن افلک از شخصیت بتمن در این فیلم]

The Flash movie is synonymous with special elements. Like strange marginalizations Ezra Miller, The presence of Supergirl character and the presence of two different versions of Batman character in this movie.

It is said that The Flash is going to tell a story centered around parallel timelines/universes. Something like Spider-Man: No Way Home; And following this issue, the return of two completely different and popular versions of Batman happens in the mentioned work; Ben Affleck’s Batman and Michael Keaton’s Batman. Keaton, who has become an important part of the comic book cinema again in recent years with the role of “Vulture” from the Marvel/Spider-Man movie world, now after 30 years, he has worn the cape and mask of Batman again. On the other hand, we have Ben Affleck, who again brings his special Batman, who was very faithful to the Batman comics written by Frank Miller, to the silver screen.

During the recent months, there were news about the Flash movie, which announced the beginning of a new story line in the DC cinematic universe due to its story events. In this way, the character of the Flash in the work in question erases all the events of the story line of the DC films that were created by Zack Snyder, and following this issue, characters such as Ben Affleck’s Batman and Henry Quill’s Superman are left out of the DC works forever. On the other hand, the DC company has seen significant changes in its creativity-oriented positions in recent days and months; Things like return Henry Coyle The role of Superman in Black Adam and Affleck’s reprise of Batman in Aquaman 2, along with the re-recording of a large amount of new scenes for The Flash, confirm such a claim. As a result, existing theories based on the formation of a new DC cinematic universe after The Flash movie now seem very unlikely. The Flash movie is scheduled to be released on July 2, 1402.

Jason Momoa as Aquaman in his golden armor in Aquaman movie poster

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom movie

[حضور قطعی نسخه بن افلک از شخصیت بتمن در این فیلم]

Instagram post Jason Momoa The filming process of the “Aquaman” sequel was enough to excite Ben Affleck’s Batman fans. Momoa posted a picture of himself with Affleck during the filming of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom so that Bat-Fleck fans are sure that their beloved Batman is not going to leave the DC cinematic universe. In this way, Ben Affleck’s Batman returns first on March 26, 1401 (the release of Aquaman 2) and then on July 2, 1402, in The Flash. As mentioned earlier, we still don’t know what storyline Batman Affleck is going to follow now. Will he become the main Batman of the DC cinematic universe again? We have to see what adventures will happen to this character in Aquaman and Flash movies.

The Batman movie poster

Sequel to The Batman

[جریان داشتن قصه در خط داستانی فیلم The Batman به‌کارگردانی مت ریوز]

Directed by The Batman Matt Reeves It was one of those products that was able to overcome the high expectations with an admirable output. A work that, despite a series of not so significant flaws, managed to create a completely new and less-seen version of Gotham, a suspenseful and spectacular confrontation between Batman and Riddler, along with an examination of the character of Bruce Wayne/Batman. Apart from the positive view of the directors of the DC cinema department, the film was so successful in the eyes of fans, critics and the box office that even if its ending did not pave the way for the birth of a trilogy, the volume of requests for its sequel was still high.

Since the release of the Batman movie (with acting Robert Pattinson) until today, there are many news about making a sequel to this work. Until today, when the official unveiling of the film sequel has not been done, two different series centered on the character of Penguin and Arkham Asylum are under production, which implicitly announces the expansion of Matt Reeves’ Batman cinematic universe and the creation of a definitive sequel to Batman’s adventures. Even Zaslav was satisfied with the performance of the film and now that James Gunn It is at the top of DC’s movie division, we should expect more quality products (like The Batman) from this company.

Colin Farrell as the Penguin in new promo art for The Batman

Gotham PD, Penguin and Arkham Asylum series

[جریان داشتن قصه در خط داستانی فیلم The Batman به‌کارگردانی مت ریوز]

Last week, with the publication of an official news from the reliable media outlet, Variety, it became clear that the development of the series/spinoff of Arkham Asylum and Gotham PD (Gotham Police Department) is moving forward. This issue was broadcast at the same time as Antonio Campos joining the Arkham Asylum project (as a showrunner). Along with these two series, a very special series based on the character of Penguin is also being developed. Thus, three different spin-offs/series based on the events of Matt Reeves’ Batman universe will be produced to expand Batman’s adventures in this story line and set the stage for the sequel to The Batman.

Not long ago, it was believed that the production of the series Gotham PD, whose story is based on the organized corruption in the Gotham police force, has been stopped, but last week’s news of Variety media denied such a thing and confirmed the simultaneous production of three different series of Robert Pattinson’s Batman story line. It is said that Arkham Hospital series is going to tell a story based on the events of this asylum with a scary mood.


Joker movie: Folie à Deux

[جریان داشتن قصه در خط داستانی فیلم Joker]

Some time has passed since the official confirmation of the sequel to the movie “Joker” and now we officially know that the adventures of Arthur Flack (played by Joaquin Phoenix) who chose the title of Joker for himself are going to be followed. According to the claim of its creators, the story of this film is told in a world separate from the worlds of DC and Matt Reeves’ Batman. We now know that Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga (as Harley Quinn) will star in Joker: Folie à Deux. According to the official news, it will be a movie in the “musical” genre.

Some sources close to the DC company, after James Gunn was chosen as the leader of the cinematic creations of the company, again emphasized the continuation of the story line of the Joker movie in his own exclusive universe. In this way, and with the introduction of the Harley Quinn character in the Joker movie sequel, we will have two Harley Queens in two parallel storylines. One with the performance of Margot Robbie in the DC cinematic world and the other with the appearance of Lady Gaga in the movie Joker: Folie à Deux; The work that is currently scheduled for release on Mehr 13, 1403.

At this moment, the simultaneous flow of several storylines of characters in the world of Batman has become a rather complicated situation for the audience. Issues such as whether these movies are related or not, how characters such as Affleck’s Batman and Michael Keaton’s Batman will return along with the impressive expansion of Robert Pattinson’s Batman cinematic universe, may raise numerous questions. Of course, all the speculations are probably over until the movies are released and the fate of characters like Batman Affleck is determined, and the questions we have in mind will not remain unanswered!

But what do you think? Which of the story lines of the Batman characters would you like to follow the most? Write your opinion for Zoomji.

This article was written based on the content of a similar article from the October issue of Empire magazine

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