Where can we find the price of L90 insurance?

El Nod car is one of the popular and low consumption cars that was welcomed by many people when it entered the market.

El Nood body insurance and El Nood third party insurance are among the insurance policies that compensate the damages up to the limit of their obligations in case of traffic accidents. As you know, third-party insurance is one of the compulsory insurances, and if you do not prepare this insurance policy, you will be fined and your Al-Nood car will be confiscated. You also need to know the risks covered by the body insurance policy so that you buy the most risks when choosing coverages. Stay with us until the end of the text to provide more explanations about the reason for naming third car insurance and two car insurance services.

What is El Nod body insurance?

L90 body insurance covers financial damages caused to the at-fault driver’s car. In accidents, the damages caused to the body of the at-fault driver cannot be covered by third-party insurance. In such a situation, the Thunder L90 driver can compensate the costs of repairs and purchase of parts with his car body insurance. Due to the increase in the price of cars and as a result of their parts, buying body insurance is no longer optional and it seems necessary. By paying the insurance premium and the price of the El Nod body insurance against risks such as accidents, overturning, fire and even theft. will be covered.

El Nood body insurance coverages

L90 body insurance coverage

L90 body insurance coverage

As mentioned, body insurance has two types of main and additional coverage, and all land vehicle owners can get it. But insurers don’t need some risks, so it is better to buy an insurance policy with the advice of an insurance expert. The main body insurance covers include the following:

  • Damage caused by car collisions in accidents
  • Damage caused to the car due to collision with any fixed or moving object
  • Fire, lightning strike, explosion, car crash or rollover
  • Compensation for the damage caused to the car when rescuing the insured person or moving the car to a suitable place
  • Covering theft damage of the main and additional equipment mentioned in the insurance policy
  • Paying 50% of the costs incurred in case of damage to tires and batteries

Also, additional coverages of El Nod body insurance are possible by paying higher insurance premiums, the most common of which include the following:

  • Damage caused by natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, storms, volcanoes and hail
  • Damage caused by paint spraying, acid spraying and paint on the car body
  • Paying the travel expenses of the applicant, when the car is in an accident and cannot be used
  • Compensation for the cost of theft of car parts and interior accessories
  • Compensation for the cost of replacing car windows in case of breakage due to change or condensation of the air inside the car
  • Compensation for the cost of car price fluctuations
  • Compensation for the drop in car prices

Under what conditions does El Nod body insurance pay the damage?

Terms of payment of L90 body insurance

Terms of payment of L90 body insurance

In order to be able to receive damages from your insurer, you need to be subject to the conditions of the insurance companies. The conditions for payment of damage in body insurance are as follows:

  • The insurer is at fault during the accident.
  • The insurer should not be held guilty during the accident.
  • The guilty driver fled from the scene of the accident, or in other words, it is not possible to reach the guilty driver to receive damages.
  • Your car should be among unusual and luxury cars. In this case, the third-party insurance of the guilty driver will not compensate the total damage, and you can get help from the unusual car body insurance in this situation.

Be careful that if you have an El Nod car, the body insurance does not pay for the expenses incurred in relation to life damages and is only responsible for compensating the financial expenses.

What is third party insurance?

Third party insurance is one of the mandatory car insurance policies that pays to third parties to compensate for the financial and life expenses incurred. The reason for naming the third party insurance is because in the contract of this insurance, the first party of the contract is called the insurer, the second party of the contract is called the insurer, and the person injured in traffic accidents is called the third party. Therefore, the financial and life obligations pledged in this insurance policy will be to compensate the expenses of third parties.

An important point that you should pay attention to when purchasing third-party insurance is that the traffic police will fine you and take you to the parking lot in case of an inquiry without third-party insurance.

Also, the insurance company charges a penalty for each day of delay in renewing the insurance policy and increases the insurance price by L90. If the owner of the Thunder 90 car does not renew the third party insurance of the Thunder L 90 on time, he will be charged a late penalty during the renewal of the insurance policy. The late fee is calculated on a daily basis. The formula for calculating this penalty is as follows: the amount of insurance premium for one year without discount is divided by the number of days in the year. Then the number obtained will be multiplied by the number of days of the penalty. Of course, the more the number of days of the late fine, the higher the premium for the L90 driver. Also, if there is no third party insurance policy and in the event of an accident, the insurance company will not accept an obligation to pay the damage. Dear L-Nod car drivers can visit the following link to buy L90 third-party insurance from insurance.com as soon as possible: https://bimeh.com/thirdparty/tondar90

Third party insurance coverages

In order to be able to compensate the costs incurred due to traffic accidents, Al-Nud third party insurance has considered two types of life and financial coverage for third parties who have suffered losses in traffic accidents. Also, the amount of obligations of insurance companies will be determined according to the amount announced at the beginning of each year. In general, the two types of financial and life coverage of this insurance policy are as follows:

Life insurance will compensate all damages and injuries caused by accidents and accidents to the third party. Loss of life, such as: death compensation, disability costs and medical costs of the injured people.

All the financial damages that occur to the vehicle of the injured persons in the accident are compensated in this coverage.

Buying El Nod body insurance and third party El Nod insurance

In order to be able to choose the best coverages and risks in body insurance and third party insurance, you need to purchase insurance through inquiry and comparison. L-Node body insurance and third-party L-Node insurance can be purchased from all insurance companies, but which companies offer the best insurance policy? And which coverages will be provided according to the priority of the insurer?

Insurance.com is one of the online systems for buying insurance that provides the conditions for querying and comparing the services and coverages of insurance companies so that you can get the best insurance policy at the right price with just a few clicks. It is enough to go to the home page of Bimeh.com (bimeh.com) to buy the insurance policy you want without time and place restrictions. In general, the purchase of third party insurance and body insurance for cars and ground vehicles has always been among the concerns of drivers and owners of ground vehicles, but by referring to the insurance.com system, there is no longer any concern for this issue.

The limit of liabilities in third party insurance is 90

The premium announced at the beginning of each year will determine the minimum and maximum insurance premiums paid by the insurer, and it will also determine the limit of the insurance companies’ obligations to compensate for third-party insurance losses. Therefore, in 1401, the payment for both financial and life coverage of the third insurance has been announced as follows:

Compensation for life loss: The limit of life insurance obligations for third insurance is considered equal to 800 million Tomans in Haram months and 600 million Tomans for other months of the year in 1401.

Compensation for financial damage: One fortieth of the declared payment is as obligations and the minimum amount of selective coverage for financial damages. In 1401, the minimum amount for financial obligations is 20 million Tomans and the maximum amount is 400 million Tomans with the condition of paying more insurance premium.

In general, we recommend that you take advantage of insurance consultations to buy El Nod body insurance and third party El Nod insurance in order to receive the most damages from your insurer when traffic accidents occur.

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