Where is the best city in Iran to live in?

The ranking of the best cities in Iran to live in depends on various factors such as the weather, business, resources, costs and amenities of each city.

Cities are ranked by climate, business, resources, costs, and amenities. Each person has specific and different criteria for living a good life. The best city to live in is a city that fulfills one’s priorities and desires. Join us to introduce you to the best city in Iran to live in and its facilities.

The best city in Iran to live in according to UNESCO

Tabriz city

Photo source: Sarat News, photographer: unknown

According to UNESCO, “Tabriz” has been announced as the best city in Iran to live in. Tabriz, which is located in East Azarbaijan province and in the northwest of the country, It is four thousand years old. Tabriz is the most important city of Azerbaijan and is known as the largest economic, commercial, communication, educational, cultural, industrial and military hub of the province.

The best city in Iran in terms of business

Tehran City

Photo source: Young Journalists Club, photographer: unknown

“Tehran” is the most employment-generating city in Iran; In fact, the capital plays a very important role in the country’s economy, and a major part of the country’s industrial production is dedicated to this city. Tehran, which is the largest and most populous city in Iran and the third most populous city in the Middle East, is known as the political, economic and industrial center of Iran. Therefore, there are many facilities and job opportunities in this city and it is considered the best city in Iran in terms of business. After Tehran, the city of Arak in the Central Province and the city of Yazd are considered the most employment-generating cities in Iran.

The best city in Iran in terms of weather

Hamadan city

Photo source: history.wikibix.ir, photographer: unknown

“Hamadan” is known as the best city in Iran in terms of climate. Hamedan is located in the east of Zagros and in a mountainous area. This city is known for relatively long and cold winters and mild, pleasant and sunny summers. North and northwest winds bring rain in spring and winter in Hamedan. The amount of rainfall with an average of 315 mm in recent years has made agriculture relatively prosperous in Hamedan. After Hamedan, the cities of Rasht and Qazvin are known for their suitable climate.

The cheapest city in Iran to live in

Qom city

Photo source: Tebian, photographer: unknown

In general, “Qom” is the cheapest city in Iran to live. Despite the dry weather in 9 months of the year, the city of Qom is considered a suitable option for living. According to IRNA news agency, in January 1400, the lowest annual inflation rate of 35.8% was in Qom province. Therefore, the city of Qom has a significant population growth in recent years. This population growth is due to the location on the middle of the road, proximity to the capital, the presence of the shrine of Hazrat Masoumeh (PBUH), the largest seminary in the Shia world, and several industrial towns. Also, the tourism industry, especially religious tourism, boosts the labor market in this city. After Qom, Central Province and Mazandaran Province are among the cheapest provinces in the country.

The best city in Iran to live in terms of resources

Gachsaran city

Photo source: IRNA, photographer: unknown

“Gachsaran” is considered the best city in Iran to live in terms of resources. this city It is one of the industrial cities in the southwest of Kohkiloyeh and Boyer Ahmad province, which has a beautiful nature. Gachsaran should be considered as the richest city in Iran in terms of resources; Because more than 20% of Iran’s oil resources are located in this city. This city is known as the land of water and fire as it has the country’s second largest oil field and gas fields. It is also known as the oil roof of Iran due to the presence of the highest oil field in the country. Oil and gas exploitation, the existence of Imamzadeh Jafar agricultural town, citrus orchards and Chahar Bisheh industrial town are sources of Gachsaran’s economic income.

The best city in Iran for living in terms of facilities

Loizan Forest Park in Tehran

Photo source: Siri in Iran, photographer: unknown

“Tehran” is considered the best city in Iran for living in terms of various facilities; Because the best universities of the country, the best hospitals and medical services, the best companies and business centers, the most complete transportation services such as subway, bus, railway station and airport are located in this city. As the capital of the country, Tehran is the first choice for foreign tourists.

Tehran city has many sights and entertainment places; Ski resorts, rivers and dams full of water, museums, historical gardens, palaces, city parks, zoo, Milad Tower, Azadi Tower, forest parks and large shopping centers are among the sightseeing places of Tehran. The major part of Iran’s economy and more than half of the country’s industrial activities are concentrated in this city. Most factories of automobiles, food, textiles and construction materials are located in Tehran province. Considering the amount of domestic production in this city, the income statistics of the people are higher than other cities and the unemployment rate is low.

Cover photo source: civitatis.com, photographer: unknown

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