Who is Linda Yacarino, the new CEO of Twitter, and what is her background? + Photo

Users asked Elon Musk to step down from the Twitter CEO chair in a poll months ago. Now, as he promised, he has finally found his replacement. Lady “Linda YacarinoWith decades of experience in the field of media, entertainment and advertising, he will soon take over the management of this social network company. But let’s get to know him a little more.

Elon Musk has finally announced in a tweet that he has selected NBCUniversal’s chief advertising officer Linda Yacarino as his successor as CEO of Twitter. He tweeted: “Linda Yacarino is mostly on Business affairs will focus, while I focus on product design and new technologies.”

Musk had previously said in a tweet that the new CEO of this social network will officially start his work at Twitter in 6 weeks. NBCUniversal announced Yacarino’s departure from this company in a statement and appreciated his efforts during his cooperation with this company.

Who is Linda Yacarino?

Yaccarino is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University and spent the past 12 years as head of advertising and partnerships. NBCUniversal was working He supervised more than 2000 employees in this company, and according to the company’s own announcement, they have generated more than 100 billion dollars through advertising.

During his time at NBCUniversal, he managed to bring great collaborations, including with Apple News, Snapchat, BuzzFeed and even Twitter. He and his team also launched a streaming service Peacock which relies heavily on advertising, played an important role. Yacarino implemented new methods to evaluate advertising performance to increase the efficiency of its services.

The 60-year-old New York-born American spent nearly two decades in the entertainment industry before joining NBC. Turner was active He joined the company in 1992 and over the years rose to the position of Chief Operating Officer in Advertising Sales, Marketing and Purchasing.

What effect will Yacarino’s CEO have on Twitter?

The choice of Ms. Yacarino as the CEO of Twitter is a strange choice in many ways. Since the official announcement of his name by Elon Musk, supporters and opponents of this decision have used their hashtags. Part of Musk’s supporters in the political right wing, libertarians and anarchists are among the opponents of this choice and are worried that his presence will remove some of their freedoms in this social network.

In addition, these people, in collaboration with Yacarino World Economic Forum (WEF) point out that many anti-globalists are against it. At WEF, he chairs the Future of Jobs Task Force and the Media, Entertainment and Culture Panel.

On the other hand, Yacarino, head of the non-profit organization Ad Council is working in the field of social services. During his career in this organization, he has cooperated with various institutions, including the “Joe Biden” government. Along the way, he collaborated with the White House on a campaign to promote vaccination, which was accompanied by the presence of “Pope Francis” and whose ads were seen by more than 200 million Americans.

At the same time, the liberals also because of his two-year history of cooperation with the Sports and Nutrition Council Donald Trump’s government are worried Therefore, it is not clear whether Linda Yaccarino wants to follow the path of Elon Musk and continue his policies, or if she will undo some of the radical changes of Twitter in recent months, so that a larger part of the buyers of ads will be willing to work with this social network again.

Yaccarino and Musk were together at a marketing conference in Miami last month. In this event, he praised Musk’s work ethic and continued to talk about the importance of creating balance in redefining big and well-known brands like Twitter. Now we have to see what changes he wants to make in this social network. what is your opinion?

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