Why do iPhones and Apple products have the prefix “i”?

It seems like almost everyone you know has an iPhone or at least one Apple product. They are essential tools with stylish looks that are versatile, easy and endlessly useful. But do you know the real reason behind the name iPhone? Many Apple products start with “i”, not just iPhone, but iPod, iMac, iTunes, etc. But have you ever wondered what the prefix “i” actually means?

Why iPhone and Apple products prefix "i" have?

According to social media statistics, this is the most frequently asked question and people make good guesses like “intelligent” or “indispensable”, some people even think it refers to the meaning of “I” in the English tense. which shows ownership of this device to its owner: “My phone”.

Why iPhone and Apple products prefix "i" have?

However, in 1998, Steve Jobs has explained what “i” means and in fact it does not refer to just one word, but the meaning of 5 words played a role in choosing this letter.

Steve Jobs said that “i” stands for “interne”, “individual”, “instruct”, “inform” and “inspire”.

Why iPhone and Apple products prefix "i" have?

Jobs also explained that there is no specific meaning to it, potentially meaning “personal pronoun” and “teaching” for educational purposes. Therefore, it seems that “i” could well be interpreted.

Why iPhone and Apple products prefix "i" have?

One of the important and new features of iOS 16 is the possibility of personalizing the lock screen on iPhone and iPad, which can give a different feeling to the device. Thanks to the said feature, users can add various widgets, background images and fonts to their iPhone’s lock screen.

Live Activity widgets are available on any iPhone that can be upgraded to iOS 16.1. Don’t forget to update your device first. To update Apple’s iOS 16.1, go to Settings > General > Soft Update.

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