Why does the French night sky shine?

Today’s NASA image shows an unusually colorful sky with the Milky Way glowing in the background.

What do we see in today’s NASA image?

On the cold January evening before today’s strange NASA image was captured, the photographer’s mission was to capture the central band of our Milky Way galaxy above a beautiful medieval mansion, but the sky began to glow in a beautiful but unfamiliar way.

The colored stripes are called Airglow and cross the entire sky. The source of airwaves is the air above the Earth’s atmosphere, which is excited by sunlight and emits a weak light. The curved appearance of the airframe in the image is due to the very wide angle of the camera lens.

Copyright: Julien Looten

In the foreground, the Château de Losse, located in the southwest of France, can be seen. Another familiar object can be seen in the background; Including the bright white star Shebahang, the orange planet Mars, the blue star cluster Parvin, the red California Nebula and, on the right, the vast Andromeda Galaxy. On this account, the photographer’s mission was also successful: at the top of the frame is the arc band of our Milky Way.

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