Why is the WhatsApp code not sent to me?

In recent days, some Iranian WhatsApp users have announced that they do not receive the WhatsApp login code SMS. This is while Digiato’s reviews on all three operators show that the mentioned code is easily received. It seems that the manual change of the mobile phone clock and the malfunction of some filter breakers have prevented this code from being sent.

Since Wednesday (April 16), some users have complained about not receiving the WhatsApp login code SMS. Digiato’s investigations in recent days show that the WhatsApp code is sent to Iranian users on all three operators without any problems. None of the operators confirmed the creation of a limit on WhatsApp text messages in a conversation with Digiato.

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Digiato’s further investigations show that this malfunction is likely due to manual clock changes by some users. Apparently, most of the people who have encountered this problem have turned off their phone’s clock from automatic setting so that they can see the correct time. In the test that we did, in this case, the text message of the WhatsApp code is not received.

If you return the settings of your mobile clock to automatic mode, this problem will probably be solved for you. At present, most of the users of Xiaomi phones are still facing the problem of displaying the incorrect clock.

Some consider the mentioned problem to be caused by the use of IP change tools. WhatsApp has been filtered in Iran since the end of September 1401, and to access it, you must use a filter breaker or IP change tools.

It should be mentioned that before the new year, the lack of change in the country’s official time created the fear that widespread software problems would occur; However, in response to Digiato’s inquiries, the Ministry of Communications said that the necessary arrangements have been made.

However, with the arrival of the early days of 1402, the mobile phone clock of a significant number of Iranians changed and went forward one hour. In this regard, the regulator also released a statement saying that most phone manufacturers have released their updated versions, but some mobile phones whose settings have not been updated by the manufacturer have faced problems:

“Therefore, the necessary follow-up is being done with other phone manufacturers who have not paid due attention to the non-change of summer time in Iran, in order to solve this problem.”

Despite the regulatory promise and 20 days have passed since the beginning of the new year, this problem still persists for many Iranians’ mobile phones.

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