With iOS 17, Apple is transforming the Wallet app and the Find My section

Bloomberg’s Mark German has provided new information about Apple’s upcoming operating systems, as well as its sideloading. According to the Bloomberg reporter, Apple in iOS 17 Changes and improvements to the application Wallet and section Find My will offer and also apparently the tech giant has decided to enable sideloading only for Europe.

On the MacRumors Show podcast, Gorman said he’ll be comparing iOS 17 to iOS 15 because it’s focused on providing updates to Apple’s core apps, rather than revolutionary changes or major new features like iOS 14’s widgets or iOS 16’s lock screen redesign. .

Find My and Wallet improvements in iOS 17

In addition to changes to the Wallet app, Gorman also emphasized that there will also be improvements to Apple’s Find My operating system, with more emphasis on location capabilities and product-finding features. He explained that more information about iOS 17 will be released in the coming weeks.

Garman also mentioned that sideloading will probably be a European-specific feature, so that Apple can support the Digital Markets Act. He also claimed that Apple will not mention this feature during the WWDC keynote.

Finally, Garman hinted that macOS 14 won’t be a “groundbreaking or significant” update. Instead, it is believed that Apple will focus more on providing an interactive experience in this update.

The Bloomberg reporter also said in another report last week that watchOS 10 will be the most important update of this operating system since its introduction. Of course, he mentioned that we can’t expect the basic design of this platform to change in general, but apparently there will be new ways to use and interact with the system.

Apple’s WWDC 2023 developer conference will be held on June 5 (June 15) and will continue until June 9 (June 19). The event is expected to unveil the latest Apple operating systems, including iOS 17 along with iPadOS 17, tvOS 17 and WatchOS 10 operating systems, as well as macOS 14, as well as some hardware products.

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