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Xbox Series X price increase again in India

For the third time, Microsoft has increased the price of the Xbox Series X console and its accessories in the Indian market and will apply this price increase from November.

Xbox Series X has once again faced a price increase in the Indian market and will be sold from November at a price of 55,990 rupees, equivalent to $683. This price increase includes console accessories, including its controllers. This is the third time that the price of the X series console has increased since its launch in India. Xbox Series X was released in India in 2020 at a price of 4,9990 rupees, equivalent to $610.

Currently, there is no news regarding the possible increase in the price of the Xbox Series S console, Microsoft’s economic offer alongside the X Series console. Of course, this console has become a bit more expensive recently, in August, and its price reached 37,990 rupees ($463).

On the other hand, the price of PlayStation 5 has remained unchanged since its launch in the Indian market, but some experts believe that Sony’s 9th generation console will probably suffer the same fate.

Xbox Series X with Indian flag background

As mentioned, Xbox controllers will also be more expensive than before, but the price increase will be milder. Robot White and Carbon Black Xbox wireless controllers with colored USB-C cable which was initially offered at a price of 5,690 rupees ($70), now it has been priced at 5,990 rupees ($73). controller Elite Series 2 It is the most expensive model among the Xbox series, which is currently priced at 17,990 rupees or $220.

Until now, Microsoft has kept the price of its consoles and accessories constant in America, but it has not succeeded in repeating this approach in large and important markets like India. Microsoft’s head of gaming, Phil Spencer, recently said that “we’ve kept the price of Xbox consoles, games and subscriptions unchanged, but it’s unlikely we’ll be able to do that forever.” “I think eventually we will have to raise product prices to a certain level, but it was very important for us to keep prices stable in the country this holiday season.”

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