Xiaomi unveiled its solid state battery technology with high energy density

Xiaomi has announced that it has made a major breakthrough in solid-state battery technology that offers higher energy density, better low-temperature performance, and greater safety. The Chinese tech giant claims its solid-state battery technology has achieved an energy density of more than 1,000 watt-hours per liter and a 20 percent improvement in low-temperature discharge performance.

The main difference between solid-state batteries and traditional batteries is their electrolyte, which has turned into a solid state. Solid electrolytes have better strength and mechanical stability compared to liquid samples that are usually used in traditional batteries. They are also able to solve many of the challenges of traditional batteries, such as low energy density, poor performance at low temperatures, and safety issues.

Therefore, solid-state batteries have the potential to revolutionize the battery industry, and Xiaomi’s new technology could turn out to be revolutionary.

Advantages of Xiaomi’s new solid-state battery technology

Tests conducted by the company show that its solid-state batteries have an energy density of more than 1,000 watt-hours per liter, which is a significant improvement over traditional batteries. With this development, batteries can store more energy in a smaller space, which can be very important for smartphones and tablets.

Battery technology

In addition to high energy density, Xiaomi’s solid-state batteries offer better performance at low temperatures. At low temperatures, the viscosity (frictional resistance against sliding layers) of the electrolyte of traditional batteries increases greatly, which prevents the transfer of lithium ions and, as a result, the rapid reduction of lithium conductivity by 60%.

However, solid-state batteries can maintain sufficient lithium conductivity at low temperatures; That means they can work better in cold environments. Xiaomi claims that its solid-state battery has a more than 20% higher discharge performance than traditional batteries at minus 20 degrees Celsius, making them suitable even for use in high latitudes.

Another advantage of Xiaomi’s solid state battery technology is its improved safety.

Overall, Xiaomi’s new solid-state battery technology is an important step in the development of next-generation batteries. This technology has significant potential in terms of battery performance and safety, and could lead to the development of new innovations for smartphones and other electronic devices.

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