Zoe Deutch joins Clint Eastwood’s latest film

Zombieland: Double Tap star Zoe Deutch is the latest addition to the cast of Clint Eastwood’s Juror #2.

Clint Eastwood, the 92-year-old director and actor and outstanding cinematographer, in collaboration with Warner Bros. again, is making his last film and now in the latest Cinema and TV newsAnother actor has been added to this film. Deadline reported that 28-year-old American actress Zoe Deutch has been added to the cast of Juror #2 following a deal with Warner Bros. Previously, Nicholas Hoult and Toni Collett were confirmed to appear in this film.

Eastwood’s new film, currently going by the production name Juror #2, is said to focus on a juror on a murder trial who learns that he may be the killer, and thus struggles to surrender or manipulate. The verdict of the jury is to acquit. Juror #2 is set to be the 40th film directed by Eastwood, who also directed and wrote the script for his final film. Eastwood has already won the Oscar 4 times and has a brilliant career in acting.

Clint Eastwood's face in old age

Jonathan Abrams also helped Eastwood write the screenplay for Juror #2. Eastwood has been working exclusively with Warner Brothers since 2008 and Gran Torino, and has directed 10 films for Warner including Invictus, Sully, American Sniper and Richard Jewell. Cry Macho was Eastwood’s last film, which was released in theaters and HBO Max in 2021.

Zoe Deutch has acted in films such as Vampire Academy, Dirty Grandpa, Why Him?, Before I Fall, The Disaster Artist, Flower, Set It Up, Buffaloed, Zombieland: Double Tap, The Outfit , he has had the movie Not Okay, the movie Something from Tiffany’s and the series The Politician, and we have not seen him in another movie since 2022.

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