Zoti T300 returns to the Iranian market with Pars Khodro

As it appears from unofficial news and information, Pars Khodro, as one of the authorized companies for importing cars, has added the Chinese Zoti T300 to its product portfolio. Specifications of Zoti T300 Pars Khodro In terms of engine, price and technology Compliant with the clauses of the car import regulation And soon the witness Supply of this Chinese product We will be in the market of the country.

Zoti T300 is considered a small and compact crossover that Pars Khodro apparently A 1.5 liter turbocharged engine has considered for it. According to reports, this engine It can produce 144 horsepower and 215 Nm of torque produce. This specification through 5-speed manual transmission to the front wheels It is entered.

Specifications of Zoti T300 Pars Khodro

Other specifications of Zoti T300 Pars Khodro include: 17 inch alloy wheels pointed out that A body with 4405 mm length, 1830 mm width and 1640 mm height He rides on it. Distance between axles Zoti T 300 wheels 2.61 meters and it can be said that despite the compact appearance, the cabin space is suitable, sufficient and comfortable for the passengers.

Many facilities and equipment are considered for T300, but apparently this car is supposed to be an economic product with The price range is 700 to 900 million tomans be launched on the market Therefore, one should not expect much from the variety of equipment. Nevertheless, the tire pressure measurement system, 8-inch touch screen, rear camera, control buttons on the steering wheel, and electric mirrors are among the characteristics of the Zoti T300 Pares car in the safety and comfort section.

Specifications of Zoti T300 Pars Khodro

It is not bad to know that Zoti became a well-known name in the Iranian market with the release of two products, Z300 and T600. As soon as I remember, Z300 named Saipa Ario and T600 named Reagan Koopa were roaming the streets of Iran. Although the cooperation of this Chinese company with Iran was temporarily interrupted for several reasons, it seems that the T300 is the beginning of a new partnership.

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